Blogmas 2016

Oh boy. Here we go again. Tis the season for Blogmas. Crazily enough, I’m going to attempt it again this year. Last year’s efforts was a success overall. I only missed a few days of posting, and truly enjoyed the entire process. It made me re-fall in love with blogging! 

As I’m sure you may have noticed, my blog has been lacking a bit of love and tlc lately.  Life outside of the Internet has taken over these past few months. Honestly I’ve been exhausted and unable to bring myself to do extra. Unfortunately blogging is falling more and more into that category and has become collateral along the way. I've had to reprioritized goals and even set some aside for the time being. Subsequently I certainly have not been setting aside enough time for myself and what I love.

Given that adulthood can be hectic, sacrifice is to be expected; however I don't want to lose touch with my passions and look back with disappointment over how I spent my time. And that’s why I’m going to put in the good ole college effort to take on Blogmas this year! By partaking in Blogmas I’m hoping to get back to that excited state where I look forward to and love blogging utterly. Surely getting into the rhythm of posting everyday will put me back on track, and in the process perhaps reenergize me in a way that pushes me to be creative more frequently, right? Here’s to hoping so! 🍻 

Are you taking on Blogmas this year?



  1. Wow! That's awesome! Good luck! x

    - Caitlin

  2. I'm excited you are trying again! I was SO busy the last year that I also negletic my blog AND didn't have time to do Blomgas. :( BUT this year I am working less and decided to take on Blogmas! I rode the Polar Express last night in hopes to get me motivated for Christmas! Can't wait to follow your Blogmas adventure! Good luck!

    XO Bri | Brianna Sullivan

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing your blogmas posts! You have a beautiful blog, keep up with the great work, Molly!