Outfit Details #1


The less time I’ve had to blog, the more time I’ve had to mull over the current state of my slice of the web. Without getting too into all of the thoughts on my mind, I’d just like to share one in particular regarding fashion content. Over my years of blogging, fashion posts have become less and less frequent on here. However over the years my passion for fashion has grown exponentially. That being said my goal for the future is to post about style more consistently. 

Between my frequent talks of filming clothing hauls, to showcasing my shopping journeys over on Instagram Stories and Snapchat, my free time often seems to revolve around fashion and shopping. Despite wanting to photograph and film hauls, OOTDs, and fashion-related content; I find this area most difficult to execute. Since nearly everything I do on my platforms is done by myself, shooting these types of projects are quite intensive and involved; especially with a lack of time. If I’m honest, it's overwhelming for me. Plus, I’m certainly no model and am rather critical of myself in that regard. 

I think this realization in content type I’d like to share poses a lesson, though. To reintroduce a topic I love back into my repertoire, I’m starting small, like with this style of post. The way I see it is that all we can do is our best. And if a small post like this one is all I can manage at the moment, then so be it. So long as I’m “doing,” right? 

When I’m lacking motivation to “do” I always turn to pieces like the ones photographed. There’s nothing like throwing on something fashionable with comfy leggings or jeans to make yourself feel put together and better. For me, fashion influences. It can provide motivation and inspiration. When dressing in a blogger-esque way, like with this outfit, I can’t help but feel inspired. 

*this post is brought to you by a Molly wearing these pieces* 😊



  1. waw lovely


  2. I love the look of those shoes, so cute! x