Top 6 MAC Lipstick Picks for Fall

Rebel - Diva - Lady Danger - Taupe - Brave - Kinda Sexy 

It is no secret that I’m a MAC lover. Over my years of blogging I’ve shared my slow growing MAC lipstick collection bit by bit. And today I’d like to share with you my top six MAC lipstick picks for fall. 

Brave (Satin) 
Brave is my most worn shade of my collection of 12. With it being a pinky-beige tone, it is an enhanced coloring of my actual lip color. It being a satin, this lipstick gives the lips a nice moisturized and slightly pearlescent sheen. Brave is as effortless as it gets for MAC lipsticks. Pop it on and it will last for hours and look so natural. I’ve found this to be the best shade for everyday use... hence why I already have to buy a new one now!

Kinda Sexy (Matte) 
During autumn most people’s go-to lipsticks are deep berry tones. Though I can’t get away from going for those every now and again, I’ve been loving the nudes and more neutral tones even more so. Kinda Sexy is a warm lighter beige with slight pink undertones. This looks incredible paired with a dramatic neutral eye. Like Brave, this is an ideal shade for everyday wear. Since it is a matte finish, it will last for hours without needing touchups, too. 

Taupe (Matte) 
Taupe has been getting a lot of use this season. What I love about this shade is that, in terms of color depth, it’s middle of the range. Though it’s darker than the two above, it is still so wearable for day-to-day life. With the sort of muted reddish-taupe brown undertones, it is a warm shade that suits this season so well. Again, because this is a matte finish, Taupe will last for ages and still look so flawless after hours of wear. 

Lady Danger (Matte) 
I’ve found this lipstick to look stunning during all seasons. It is a vivid orange-red that is just a showstopper! Being quite pale, I was hesitant to buy this lipstick initially, but I’ve been so pleased with it for the year I’ve had it. It just pops against my skin and blue eyes. With this lipstick being a warmer coloring it looks gorgeous during the cooler months; especially with a coppery-brown eye makeup. 

Rebel (Satin) 
Rebel is a recent purchase of mine. This is a classic one for autumn that everyone raves about. Even with my short time of having it in my collection, I can already see how it is worth the hype. Being a satin finish, this pretty plum color glides on so smoothly and pigmented. It is very much the type of tone that suits a wide range of skin tones, as well. This deep purple-y mauve beauty is ideal for the cooler months. 

Diva (Matte) 
Diva is another newbie in my collection, and it has already become a favorite. If I were to pick one color to represent fall, it’d be this shade. This intense burgundy is absolutely striking. It is a warm tone that adds drama to any look. This red never goes out of style and is the pinnacle shade for both autumn and winter. Isn’t it just gorgeous? Check out this post for your chance to win Diva and two eyeshadow palettes!

What’s your go-to lipstick for autumn?


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  1. I love love love the color of Rebel and Brave! So gorgeous and I like the fact you have this mix of different shades for autumn. I personally really liked any plum color but I also really liked using a really vibrant pink from MAC's Patenpolish lip pencil in Hopelessly Devoted. It's definitely not a typical fall color but it's quite fun!
    Hey Zaire

  2. I love the lipsticks you've picked! I've been wanting the get Diva and Brave for ages now and I feel like Autumn may be the perfect excuse to buy them x

  3. diva <3 everything you want in a lipstick! haha I love Odyssey, its satin and just perfect!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  4. I like Brave because you can wear it all year round.

  5. I have brace and rebel! Definitely my favourites😍😍

    Lovely post!