2016 Goals | Reviewed

Since 2016 is nearly over, I thought I’d take a look at the SMART goals I set in this post, and see how many I accomplished!

Get desired job ✔️ 

I did indeed get the social media internship I applied for!

Make dean's list 

This didn’t happen this past semester (so close!), but I have five more semesters to aim for this again!

Join a new club 

I did try several times to make this happen; however it never panned out. One occasion I made it to the end of the audition process for a highly coveted spot in an acapella group, but completely f-ed up the final audition (I’ll blame that on nerves and the fact that I had bronchitis.) The other two clubs I was interested in conflicted with when I had classes. Why they meet during the day is beyond me. My schedule next semester won’t bode well with their meetings again, which I’m bummed about.

Get real estate license 

I reevaluated my priorities and this one simply isn’t on my goals list anymore. Perhaps eventually it will be again, but as of right now, it isn’t.

Build client list ✔️ 

As some of you may know, I love social media. Given that, and the fact that I am a marketing student aiming to go into digital marketing post-grad, I’ve been building a client list where I manage social media accounts and come up with marketing strategies for various businesses! I’m in the very early stages of this still, but I’m looking forward to 2017 where I can further develop this.

Be courageous ✔️ 

This one was more of a subtle goal. I certainly have pushed myself out of my comfort zone in many areas, and stood up for my best interests in a few instances these last few months. Overall I’ve learned to have excitement of exploring the unknown outweigh the anxiety that easily ensues, which takes courage.


Be more active in Twitter chats 

I really want to be involved Twitter chats. Once upon a time I was, but anxiety and shyness has gotten the better of me in this case lately. Perhaps I need to channel some of that courage towards this! Definitely will keep this on my goals list.

Befriend more bloggers ✔️ 

While I certainly feel closer to several bloggers and met so many more these last few months, this goal is still a work in progress!

Host a giveaway (or two- solo & loop) ✔️ 

I hosted one giveaway! Not sure when I’ll have another, though. 💸

100,000 pageviews ✔️ 

I reached this milestone a week and a half ago, and I’m honestly so amazed and grateful for this! Thank you!!

3,000 followers on bloglovin' 

Not quite there. One analytic says I’m at 2.7k the other says 2.9k. Either way, slowly but surely I’m inching towards this goal!

2,000 followers on Twitter ✔️ 

I’ve surpassed this goal by 110 lovely people! Very happy and grateful for that!

2,500 followers on Instagram ✔️ 

Again I’m grateful for having reached and gone beyond this goal by over 225 people! 💗

1,000 YT subscribers 

I knew this goal wasn't exactly a SMART one; it was a bit of a long shot. I am just now starting to invest more time into YouTube, so hopefully shortly into the New Year I will be able to reach this milestone!

3 collaborations (brand or blogger) 

The reason I haven’t accomplished this goal coincides with the fact that I am shy and get nervous easily, so I have a difficult time reaching out to others to request a collaboration, and even to respond. (Working on being less rubbish at responding to emails!) This is definitely one of my top priorities and areas, being less shy that is, that I intend to manage better in the New Year. If you’d like to collaborate, let me know!

2-4 bloggers advertise with me (for free) per month 

Not gonna lie, I forgot about this goal soon after my original post went up. If you’d like free advertising space on my blog, let me know! 😂

I've accomplished the majority of my goals, thanks to the SMART goals framework. See how I set them in this post! 2017 Goals to come! 

Did you accomplish what you had hoped to in 2016?



  1. Fantastic goals Dear:)
    Happy New Year!


  2. Congratulations and good luck with your goals for the new year!!