My Daily Uniform

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Been a busy bee lately! Stayed tuned for more regular content though (I’m finally getting back into the groove of school and work, and have some down time to dedicate to the ole passions 💪🏻)!

Given that some days I am able to work and do some entrepreneurial thangs from home, I’ve found it absolutely essential establishing and maintaining a morning routine, much like with any other more traditional work day where I need to be out-and-about or in the office. From that need I’ve developed a sort of uniform I can resort to in order to make me feel motivated and put together for those days I’m home for hours. While I don’t wear this particular outfit every single day, having this general style strategy to fall back on certainly helps to keep me from wearing pajamas all day and feeling sluggish because of it (been there, done that 😅). There’s just something about getting dressed up that helps ya get going. And by getting dressed up, I only mean putting on slightly more presentable clothes than flannel bottoms, a tank top, and a dressing gown… While I have to sacrifice that uber comfy outfit to achieve a spurt of productivity, comfort is still a high priority, which is why I always pull for a cozy sweater, stretchy jeans, and quirky socks. The ones photographed are my favorites!




  1. I wish I could work from home! that would be amazing!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. Totally agree with this! If I spend all day in pyjamas then I feel like my day's less productive x

  3. I totally agree! When I do late night work I always stay in my day clothes bc if not, the flannel bottoms drive me straight to bed hahaha Great post, as always.
    Much love💚