On My Radar

Happy Monday, folks! The new year is underway, meaning opportunity is all around if we are open to it. This time of year is always so inspiring to me for that reason. It is a time where a lot of people feel confident to make change. How motivating is that?! Energized by this momentum, quite of a few items on my radar are centered around positive change and fun!

ONE // Newport Mansions

A few days ago I traveled down to Newport, Rhode Island to visit a friend. While there, we went to Rosecliff Mansion (the one in the 1974 version of The Great Gatsby movie) and walked around the historic seaport. Going to places like this always enchant me, and not from just the sheer beauty of the surrounds either. What enthralls me is all that's to be learned in cities like this. Within the mansion, the preservation society does a fantastic job depicting the Gilded Age, while intertwining stories of the people that called these places home (or in the least one of their homes). Also, as an architecture enthusiast, this location simply made my heart soar. A goal of mine this year is to continue learning, specifically about architecture, even though my undergraduate career is coming to an end. And I'd happily do so any day of the week if it means I get to visit such lovely places like Newport!

TWO // Watercoloring

One thing I have been loving lately is watercoloring. Perhaps it's because I'm on break from college this month, or because I'm prioritizing "me time," but I finally have time to pursue this outlet. I have been practicing various techniques, painting patterns and locations, and creating home designs in my spare time. It is definitely one of those hidden passions that I love investing time into when I can. If you'd like to see some of my designs, I have been sharing them on Instagram and in my InstaStories. Sometimes I even ask for input in how to finish a piece!

THREE // Paper.io 2

As a marketing student, I would like to think I'm not easily susceptible to marketing; however that is not the case with this app. I have given into incessant ads. Perhaps you've seen ads for this app on Snapchat, but essentially you have to make your blob bigger, while avoiding other players. It's a silly way to be competitive, yet it's so addicting. I've gotten my blob to 32%. Is anyone else playing this?

*swoons* One of Lilly Pulitzer's biggest sales is today!! No doubt there will be steep discounts on some beautiful pieces. I for one can't wait to hop on the site and scout out a graduation dress for May. Have questions about the sale? All of them can be answered here. Happy shopping!

FIVE // Blogilates 

Another resolution of mine this year is focus on health and fitness. Once upon a time I was very athletic and in-shape; however I've certainly put that on the back burning in college. Sad, but true. It happens sometimes- life is busy! The important thing is to know how to pull yourself out of it and work towards creating healthy habits. In 2019 I say goodbye excuses and hello to exercise. Each day of 2019 I have done something to get my heart rate up and sweating, and that is thanks to Blogilates. Consistency arguably seems to be the key to seeing change in this area, and with fun videos, like these, it feels easy dedicating at least 30 minutes a day to this. I encourage anyone to try these videos, especially if like myself, you need guidance and the gym makes you anxious. Let's support each other!

What's on your radar this week?