A Vintage Fall Look

One minute everything is green and lush and the next all the leaves are on fire with hues of red, orange, and yellow... and to be honest, I'm here for it. I would like to say fall is in full swing in New England; however given the temps over the last few days, it is hard to say that's the case. The early mornings and evenings give us glimpses into the cool crisp weather to come, but during the day we are hit with what feels like Summer Part 2. 

Don't get me wrong, I so love the sunshine, but I'm just ready to be all in, enjoy fall activities, and officially pack away summer clothes. It can be quite challenging picking an outfit with such wacky weather! In the meantime I get to play around with transitional pieces to get me through the fluctuating temps. A newer addition to my wardrobe are midi skirts; specifically this khaki color one from Amazon. They are my new secret weapon. 

They provide an extra bit of coverage, while being so comfy and functional because many of them *have pockets!!* Plus, I am obsessed with the vintage feel they give off; especially this one paired with the white button-down and tennis shoes. It has proven to be the perfect outfit to strut around town in for an evening walk and photo sesh. Bring on more moments like this, Autumn!

Happy fall to you all!


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