The Perfect Picnic

It's not everyday that poses the perfect opportunity for a picnic. And frankly it is rarely something that comes to my mind right away when thinking of things to do. Growing up I have fond memories of my family and I taking our Mickey and Minnie Mouse blanket to the backyard along with fruits and sandwiches for picnics, but never did they extend beyond that or the seaside. 

Several times this summer posed the perfect opportunity, however. One instance was with my boyfriend for a date day. We were on the same wavelength of spending time in the outdoors going for an easy hike at Pawtuckaway State Park. Inspired by that, I giddily suggested a leisurely picnic to pair with it at the lake. Another picnic was spent with my mum as an evening hang out. And let me tell you I went alllll out for both. From both experiences I crafted the ideal menu, along with key tips to making the perfect picnic.

The point of a picnic is to spend some time outside with friends or family. To enjoy the simple things in life. While it's important to have a basket and blanket, the setting truly can make all the difference. Luckily, there are so many options for a picnic. Whether it's the beachside, a field, backyard, wooded area, or garden; the locations are endless! For one I opted for the lakeside at a state park, and another a local public garden on conservation land. Both provided a very peaceful and quaint atmosphere.

Essentials Items
There are certainly the basics we all know of for picnics- blanket, basket, silverware, dishwater, and of course food. Taking pieces from your home can absolutely satisfy these criteria and it'll still be magnificent. However, if you're really looking to go the extra mile and creating a cohesive outdoor setting I have a few tips.
- Find a picnic basket with a matching blanket. Amazon has some cost-effective sets. The link to mine is below, along with other items. The one I have comes with all the dishwater and silverware, as well as has an insulated portion of the basket.
- Add additional baskets or a cheeseboard to the scape. This will provide function to lay out the food for everyone to grab at, as well as provide some variety to look at. They look really fab in photos, too. 😂

Packing List                                       Menu

An outfit can go a long way for a picnic. It can be the difference between being at ease or fidgety from discomfort (we've all been there). That is why it is important to keep comfort in mind when selecting your attire. I tend to go for flowy dresses or a simple blouses and jeans; both paired with sandals and a hat. You can find my dress here. It's super comfy and feels like a jersey style t-shirt! Not only is it great for picnics, but also for work. So pleased with this inexpensive find!

No matter what you are wearing or what you bring to a picnic, so long as you're with the people you love and surrounded by nature's beauty, it will surely be a lovely time. Though summer is over, take advantage of the mild days of autumn and get out there and picnic. Pack up and be on your way!


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  1. some picnic baskets sold by gourmet stores are quite large and elaborate,with insulated compartments to hold hot and cold foods, and dishware including wine glasses and porcelain plates which are secured in pockets along with items of cutlery, condiments, corkscrew etc. Many modern picnic baskets also have a special storage section to hold a bottle of wine, the traditional beverage brought along to intimate