5 Decor DIYs for a Coastal Space

Inspired by the above window box, it got me thinking off all the creative coastal touches that can be added to a home. While that window box is mounted to a shop in Ogunquit, Maine, it would be an adorable nautical addition to a residential property nonetheless.

I simply find the sea and New England to be a great source of inspiration. That is why I try to incorporate pieces into my home with a classic coastal feel. Over the years, I've DIY-ed quite a few projects and have documented several on my blog or channel, and I'm recapping some today! All of which are low cost, some costing just under $5, and require a bit of time and elbow grease.

Distressed Paddles
For $2 (pending you have other basic craft supplies, like paint and twine), you can create these. With just two bamboo turners from the dollar store, a bit of paint, and twine; these kitchen utensils can be transformed into mini oars. They are a unique nautical touch to a gallery wall for a bit of dimension and a different shape. Check out the video on my channel!

Starfish Shadow Box
This 10 minute craft makes for a subtle coastal touch to a space. What I like about it is the neutral tone and texture. I find a lot of coastal decor to be very vibrant colors, like corals and turquoise, and while those are pretty, it doesn't suit the style of my space. As such, you'll notice these crafts are pretty neutral yet nautical and play to different textures, like natural wood, rope, or in this case a starfish on linen. I have a blog post and video on this craft!

Rope Placements
This project was in a recent DIY video centered around spring crafts; however it's lovely for all seasons if natural pieces appeal to you. With a lot of rope and hot glue, you can whip together these placemats and even coasters. (I made coasters a while back and decided to do up some placemats to match). Hope you enjoy the video, along with the other projects!

Nautical Mirror
Can you believe this only coast $5?! I utilized all dollar store supplies to create this, and it reminds me of a mini version of a $400+ mirror from Pottery Barn. Again, another great addition to a gallery wall to add a bit of variety. It'd be great right near a door to peak at on your way out, too!

Watercolor Paintings
If you've been around for a bit, you know I'm a big proponent of creating your own wall art; especially watercolor. I'm biased, though, as that's my fave medium. While it's important to support artists, don't doubt your own skills and abilities or let fear of trying keep you from creating. There are loads of tutorials out there for wall art in all sorts of styles. I even have several on my channel and have one in the work for several coastal paintings, so stay tuned! With a nice frame and matting, you won't be disappointed by what you create.

What style is your space comprised of? Are there any DIYs you'd like to see from me?