Building a Classic Closet With J. Crew

Ruffled Top | Cardigan | Sunglasses | Maxi Dress
Crewneck Sweater | Headband | Trench | Belt | Earrings
White Denim | Wrap Dress | Blue Denim | Button Down
Ballet Flats | Striped Top | Boatneck T-Shirt | Rattan Bag

Perhaps spurred by the recent news with J. Crew, I thought I'd start a series based on building a classic wardrobe. Each post will focus on brands I adore and regularly patron. One of those shops being J. Crew, In spite of filing Chapter 11, I do hope this store continues to survive through the years. Certainly hearing a favorite store and bankruptcy in the same sentence is a bit jarring, but it doesn't necessarily mean the end is in sight for this brand. With this sort of scenario it is likely to reduce liability and be a means to negotiate a way forward between debtors and creditors (fingers crossed). None the less, I will do my part with the occasionally purchase and keep sharing pieces I covet from a store I love.

When it come to J. Crew, I appreciate the classic style of pieces, fit, and quality. Though they may be considered a pricier brand, based on the previous factors, I find it well worth it still. It is a go-to place for me when building up on those staple pieces in what what is my classic capsule wardrobe. Staples pieces include:

Stripes! Striped tops are bountiful in my closet, but I can't help it! It is the pattern I pull for frequently, as it is timeless and chic. The best part is that an outfit can have a nautical or francophile feel because of these horizontal lines. Beyond this design, there's nothing like a basic tee. Inherently, a monochrome top is easy to style, which is why it is a staple! Similarly, white button downs are, too, as a smart or casual look can be achieved. To add a bit of dimension, add a top with a bit of ruffle or eyelet!

A medium wash blue jean is a must, along with a crisp white pair. Not pictured, but the scalloped skirts from J.Crew Factory are fab. They are so cute and comfy!

LBD? How about little white dress! Both are staples in my books, but I especially love a light white cotton or linen dress for the spring and summer. Equally, vibrant and fun maxi dresses are a welcomed addition in my wardrobe.

Jackets & Cardigans
Simple button up cardigans are an understated and sweet addition to a look. Not only are they practical if you run cold, like myself, but they add a nice touch to outfits. Trench coats are another classic essential. Yet another timeless piece!

Shoes & Accessories
To finish off a classic wardrobe one needs nothing more than pearls, a leather belt, and ballet flats. For a bit of flair add tortoise shell sunglasses, a patterned headbands, and rattan bag to that closet.

What are your wardrobe staples?



  1. those are such great picks, all true staples! I love a good trench coat for this time of year :)
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. I love J.Crew! I'm all about closet staples, I'm not so much into fashionable item so I love your picks Molly :)