Easy Work-From-Home Outfit

I can't help but reflect and remember how fortunate I am to currently be employed.   Equally, I am lucky to be able to work from home in these uncertain times. With what is truly a privilege I've found still comes a balancing act, as with anything in life. 

No matter the circumstance, whether working that corporate job, working towards building a hobby into a business, or even working on self-care; I've found putting in that extra little effort these days to make a difference. For quite some time I was getting into a slump and feeling my batteries drain as the days rolled by. I would wake up, change into a different set of pajamas, work, do some chores, make dinner, go to bed, and repeat. While everyone is weathering the same storm, our vessels to make it through are all different. And honestly, I wasn't tending to mine as much as I should have.

One act that somewhat catalyzed a better routine is putting on "real clothes" at the start of the day. Initially I thought, "Well, why am I going to get dressed up with no place to go?" After thinking on that, the answer is simple- for myself. Though not a cure-all, it has promoted a bit more positivity and variety in the day. That paired with taking time to reflect and think of gratitudes has been a big help. 

My outfit choices as of late have been based around low effort, but still being intentional. I opt for my fave comfy jeans, a top and cardigan, or basic tee. Shoes and planner optional, but books are always the best accessory! Every now and again I'll style my hair and do my make-up for that extra boost. As someone heavily influenced by their environment and self-maintenance, consciously adding this into my quarantine daily routine truly has brought back a bit more motivation and inspiration. I've been wanting to pick up my current read, "Sanditon," paint more, and here I am writing again. It's the little victories. Much love! xx


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  1. Loving the outfit idea, I'd just swap out the jeans to something I little more roomy and comfortable :)
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥