Pesche Dolci

I have been in such a baking mood... but really when aren't I?! Anything that gets me creating is time well spent in my books; especially when related to food. With more downtime than usual, I am taking full advantage of it and channeling more energy towards passions and activities that bring me joy.  (I'm very thankful for that luxury). Life lately has just felt surreal from not only the state of the world, but things happening in my personal life with family, so I relish being able to take my mind off of it all. This free time is not so much about productivity as it is about injecting positivity whenever possible in light of these things,  slowing down a bit, and realigning with interests and priorities. One being baking!

Each week I am challenging myself to make something completely new. This past weekend I opted for these Italian peach cookies. Inspired by a TikTok video, I searched the web for a recipe to use. I ended up using Martha Stewart's recipe, minus the cream filling. For that I pulled from other recipes and videos and went with a simple peach jam.

I'm not going to reinvent the wheel with this, so if you are interested in making these cookies, check out the recipe here! As a heads up, I found them to be a bit dry and dense, so you may want to opt for a little less flour than what is called for. Be sure to have enough baking powder, as well. Other than that, they were pretty simple and fun to make! For peach lovers, these have a nice sweet hint of those delectable fruits. For a quick video on them, head over to my TikTok (@sincerelymolly). Had to drop that shameless self promo haha Stay well, friends!

Have you been baking lately? What sorts of recipes?