Tied with a Bow | Simple Holiday Decor

I am beyond excited to have decorated my room! Despite desperately wanting to decorate when November 1st rolled around, we didn't in our apartment as we just moved... today actually! Given the move, it didn't make much sense to bring the tree down and such prior to today.

The last few days we were at my parent's house for the holiday, though, so I took full advantage of the opportunity to spruce up some spaces with festive decor. Growing up, traditionally, we decorated the Friday after Thanksgiving, so it was pretty fun to walk down memory lane and partake in something very nostalgic. 

One space I'm quite pleased with is my childhood bedroom. I opted for simple touches in the color scheme of red, green, blue, and white. To accomplish this, I incorporated very simple DIY projects to existing pieces and brought in a few new ones to add a festive flare. 

Adding a simple red satin ribbon to favorite vases or jars is a great way to transition year-round decor to something more seasonal. This nifty little trick is one I began doing last year and I could see it being a lasting favorite for my ever growing blue and white collection. Contrasting the delicate details of the ginger jars and all things chinoiserie, it's the perfect bold touch.

Another addition to this space are wreaths hanging in the windows. This is a stylistic choice I stumbled across on Pinterest and I'm obsessed! Using more satin ribbon, a few wreaths from Amazon, and Command Hooks, I was able to temporarily put these up for winter. I may adjust the ribbon to have them hang a bit higher on the window, but all and all I'm pretty pleased!

If you're like me and appreciate having a clothes rack with some of your most worn pieces out on display, this can be a great way to create more consistency with a color scheme. Luckily for me, I have no shortage of red in my wardrobe during the winter. So fitting for my color scheme! I just adore the vibrancy of the color red and love feeling a bit more bold when sporting it.

How are you decorating your space this season?