DIY Teacup Bird Feeder

The other day my copy of Paula Sutton's new book, "Hill House Living" arrived and I was absolutely over the moon when it showed up at my doorstep! Paula is the fabulous lady behind one of my favorite Instagrams, so naturally her book made its way into my shopping cart immediately. (You can find it here* if you'd like!)

One of the many wonderful ideas included in her book is a teacup bird feeder. Though it's fall, I could not wait until the spring to make it. It's too precious!! As many of you know, I absolutely love my antique porcelain pieces, so what a joy to incorporate that into a craft!

While out and about the other day I came across a yard sale hosted by a local church where I stumbled across this teacup and saucer. The delicate design I knew would be perfect for such a project. Plus, it had a slight chip in the rim, so I didn't feel too bad repurposing it. (Not sure I'd be able to do that with the antique teacups in my collection... they're in too good of shape!) With a teacup and saucer acquired, some super glue, and leftover ribbon, I was on my way to making probably the cutest little bird feeder I'll ever have!


Teacup (Would recommend finding one secondhand!)

Super glue* suited for ceramics

Ribbon or string


If you're a visual person, you can watch my TikTok video here.

1. For the placement of the teacup, the handle needs to face upward. Have the bottom edge of the cup against the rim of the saucer. The top of the teacup should land in the middle of the saucer. Depending on the shape of the cup there may be a gap between that and the saucer; however the points that do touch should be enough to secure the pieces together.

2. Apply the glue where the cup and saucer will connect and firmly place in the desired spot. Hold the cup down or weigh it down per the directions of the glue. Mine was dried within a minute!

3. Attach the ribbon or string. Clean any residue if needed. I waited a day before hanging my bird feeder outside to be sure the glue dried. Right when I did, the birds took to it immediately; especially the tufted titmice!

For my fellow New Englanders, the birds in my yard love this* feed.

Will you try this DIY?



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