New Look & Beautiful Blogger Templates for Under $15

Hello friends! In case you haven't been here in a bit, my blog probably looks veryyy different to you. I finally caved and purchased a template to give my blog a new look. Over the years, I've made basic tweaks to the code, but never invested enough time to make a very responsive site. 

The other day I felt the urge to search around for sites and naturally had a look at Pipdig's offerings. If you've been blogging as long as I have, you'll know this company. They're the OG Blogger and Wordpress template makers in my mind. After looking at their blogger templates, I wasn't sold sadly. I really wanted something more dynamic, visually oriented, and responsive, while keeping that core "blogger" feel with a side column and the blogposts at the heart of it all. 

I can't believe I hadn't done this before, but I only just thought to look at Etsy for templates and oh boy was I pleasantly surprised. There are so many beautiful designs on there. I found this gem on sale for $11 and just couldn't pass it up. I'm sure there are hundreds of other blogs with this set up, but I don't mind. I'll slowly make it my own!

It has massively elevated the look of this blog and brought it into a more modern layout, while still being so pretty. I am honestly over the moon about it. It's given me a new wave of excitement about blogging and content creating, that had dimmed over the last few months (primarily from happenings in my personal life tbh). 

I'm thinking this blog makeover was one of the refreshes I've needed in this season of life. I hope with all of my heart to be a full-time content creator someday. To inspire and connect with others looking to lead a beautiful joy-filled life. That's always been at the heart of it all as the design and topics on this blog have evolved over the years. Until that happens though, I'm very pleased to have a spiffy looking blog and at least pretend I'm a pro blogger haha

In case you're needing a refresh and rebrand, here are some gorgeous Blogger templates for under $15! (These are only compatible with Blogger and not Wordpress. If you'd like a post about Wordpress sites, let me know!) Also, I'm considering designing up and releasing my own templates at some point. Could be a fun creative project!

After nearly a decade of blogging, in some ways I finally feel like I'm coming into my own. And maybe that's just the sense of self that comes as you grow up. Regardless, it's nice to finally have a blog that reflects that. I cannot wait to make more content, and perhaps branch into sharing blogging tips and tricks posts. What do ya think? 

Much love!



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