Toile Wallpaper | The Blue Room


Sneak peek into my latest project! (Sorry for the crummy photo... it's a screenshot from a video. Final reveal to come!)

Over the weekend I started a very exciting project- wallpapering! Well faux wallpapering. I bought this toile de jouy peel and stick wallpaper. It is removable and very easy to work with (granted I have experience with wallpaper, but overall I'd say it's simple enough). Essentially it's a sticker and can be adjusted easily. Only downside is that it has a slight plastic-y smell and is a bit prone to crinkling. Anyway, here is a glimpse into the space!

I've decided I'm going to lean in to the whole blue and white thing. As you may know, it's nothing new in my home. I've been obsessed with this combo since high school! It's something that makes me happy, particularly having it show up in pops of patterns. In my opinion, it isn't overpowering and too maximalist, but it's certainly not minimalist either, which I like. Overly minimal spaces feel slightly overwhelming and cold to me. I like having things around! More is more, so I'm leaning in to grandmillennial countryside style! In another post and YouTube video I'll go into more depth about this process, but for now here are some links to wallpaper!



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