Well hello there! It's been a minute since I've posting an "On My Radar" sort of post. I'm now rebranding it to "Musings" to fit my blog's them (see the home page)! Every now and then I like to share a round up of items I'm loving or things that peak my interest. So here's this week's list!

Cape Cod Bracelet 

On my TikTok I started a series sharing distinctly New England things that seem to be pretty universal for locals. Cape Cod bracelets are certainly one. First created by Eden Hand Arts, these bracelets have become a staple in many people's accessory arsenal. Rightfully so! They are so simple and classic. Love! 

Painted Diamond Pattern Floors

This has been something on my radar for well over a year. I hope one day to use this technique in my future home! It has a historic charm to it, but can be made modern with fun and fresh color aways. I'd likely opt for blue and white, like this image... of course haha I can remember running around some colonial homes growing up with this flooring. So nostalgic!

Gilmore Girls

I've begun my rewatch of this series. Fall is fast approaching and this show has a lovely way of easing me into the autumnal spirit. It is comforting and familiar. Exactly what I want in a show. Particularly one that I put on in the morning as I sip my coffee.

New at J.Crew Factory

I did an entire post about this already, but just have to gush a bit more about this. That quilted jacket? Gorgeous!!! 


I have been poshmarking up a storm this year. A goal of mine this year is to only buy secondhand clothes and Poshmark has been a god-sent for this. Should I do a haul?



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