Babydoll in Boston

If you are a regular reader of my blog, I'm sure you've gathered that I love nature and being outdoors. Despite that, I really enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city, too. I've visited New York City the most out of any destination place and it's probably my favourite city; however I do have a deep appreciation for Boston, as well. It is a place like no other. Wherever you step, you're walking through history. On many of the twisting and winding streets are internally modern shops, but they're externally stuck in time. And though it is a heavily populated area by people from all over the world, there is still a sense of a small town community. Unlike a large portion of people in New York City, Bostonians greet strangers with a smile and are "wicked" polite, too. Bottom line, Boston is cool.

Even so, when I feel the desire to take a day trip to a city, my mind generally goes straight to New York City. But not this weekend! On Saturday I met up with a couple of friends, hopped on the bus, and off we went for a fun day of shopping at the Pru and Newbury Street, and gawking at how beautiful the library is. 

We also planned on going to the Pru's observatory floor right as the sun set, but the whole thing was closed! I was so disappointed. Especially since the sky looked lovely Saturday. I managed to get a few photos of the sky and city, but honestly most aren't that great. I didn't go prepared with a camera or thinking I was going to take photos for a blog post... whoops! I do have plenty of stories to share, though, which I may include in the next few posts.  

When shopping, we went to Free People, Urban Outfitters, Brandy Melville, and other stores with similar styles. I'm obsessed with Free People. It would be great if that store made up my entire wardrobe. Though Free People has a distinct style, there is still such a variety in it. You have the basic items that go with everything to very unique statement pieces. At the moment, I've been loving how they do a lot of layering with shorter dresses and tunics. That is what inspired this outfit. Plus, a lot of people are very preppy, urban, or wear business attire in Boston, so I wanted to stand out a bit from the crowd with this boho chic look.

I took a long sleeve top and layered it with a babydoll dress. Tights were a must because it was a cool windy day, and high socks just added that extra warmth. Naturally I also had to sport my favourite necklace. Unfortunately I didn't get any photos of me in this outfit in the city, because again, I suck at planning haha Sorz!

Parka: Target
Top: Target
Babydoll Dress: Target
Bag: Target
Boots: Target
Tights: Target
Socks: Target
Necklace: Kohl's
 (Do you think I like Target? lol)

Have you ever been to Boston?



  1. Gorgeous photos! Your outfit is adorable. No, I've never been to Boston...but I'd like to some day :)

    xo Azu

  2. Boston sounds like an amazing historical city! That's a bummer the observatory was closed but hope you get a chance next time. Your shopping looks like a lot of fun. :) x


  3. These photos are amazing!! I want to travel around America so badly! Xx

    Abi |

  4. What beautiful photos!! I have always wanted to visit Boston because my mom lived there once and loved it. I have even thought about going to College there. Really beautiful pictures!! And I love your outfit, especially your necklace!!!

  5. Beautiful photos, I've never been to America but Boston looks amazing! :) Hope you had fun! x

  6. Beautiful pics! Boston looks awesome!

  7. You have made me rethink my Target shopping! Wonderful!!! I'm inspired. XOXO

  8. Looks amazing! really good photo's too! x

    Followed you on GFC :)

  9. Beautiful photos and lovely outfit :)

  10. Amazing pics :)

  11. Thanks for the follow on Twitter, dear! I like finding fellow bloggers.
    I haven't been reading your blog for too long, but I enjoyed reading this post. Boston is a cool place where I haven't been yet, but I've got quite a few friend who have moved there or are from there and I would like someday to go and see the city myself.
    Shall we follow each other on Bloglovin as well? I would love to.

    Lu |

  12. Lovely post, these very pretty, sensational, I like your shirt.

    merry christmas.

  13. that necklace is amazing!

    from helen at

  14. The photos are breathtaking! Merry Christmas! Followed you via GFC! :)

    Laura |

  15. Beautiful prints! The dress seems really nice! Nice combination of clothes! Have a Merry Christmas ;) x

  16. I've never been but having seen this photo, I definitely want too!