Wish List: Free People

Is there a retail store that if it made up your entire wardrobe you'd be extremely happy? For me that is Free People. It is honestly one of the coolest and prettiest stores I've been to. I can recall the first time I stepped over the threshold into one and I gasped. My breath was taken away by the beauty of not only the decor of the store, but every product. Of course seconds later after eagerly perusing, my breath was also taken away by the price of everything... The products in Free People tend to be quite pricey, but because of the quality and uniqueness of each item purchasing anything seems worth it to me. (whatever makes you justify spending $100+ on a casual top, Moll. haha) For the average person, Free People is one of those places where you save up for specific pieces and, to quote Parks & Rec, "Treat yo self." I am one of those average people. That being said, I've created an outfit I'd like to purchase someday, or in the very least, individual bits I'd like to buy when I'm willing to fork over a @#&% ton of money...

This tunic is gorgeous, flowy, and flattering. I tried it on in the store. It's beautiful on its own, with opaque tights, and/or with an off white swing or babydoll dress layered underneath (especially one with ruffles on the hem!).

Free People tend to have statement pieces in their jewelry arsenal. This could be considered one. It's delicate, yet different, and would look great for any occasion.

(between the time I made the graphic and embedding links in this post, FP got rid of the harness I wanted [??], so a similar one is linked!)
For a lot of people, this trend isn't their cup of tea. I was once one of these people. However after my friend purchased one and seeing loads of boho chic outfits on tumblr with this "vest," I've decided that I really like what it adds to a look. It's definitely different, but in this case I think that's a great thing! 

Having tried the tunic on, I can confirm that it is very short. To balance out the cloth to skin ratio, a good pair of boots are needed. Why not go to the extreme and get above the knee ones? Much like the bracelet, they're a statement, and that's why I love 'em! Plus they look great with skirts, tights, leggings, and skinny jeans!

Despite me being obsessed with jewelry and necklaces, I don't have a large coin necklace. Since Free People's jewelry is diverse in size and stunning in general, I figured they'd have the coin necklace I'd been envisioning. They did not disappoint!

Though I haven't spent $603.90 on this outfit, over on my last post I have an outfit inspired by this list. Check it out and let me know what you think of either!

Have a lovely day and stay fabulous, freeps!!



  1. That tunic is sooo pretty xx

    Abi | abistreetx.blogspot.co.uk

  2. Oh my gosh I feel your pain! I've actually never been to Free People but whenever I'm on Polyvore putting together outfits...it's ridiculous how expensive a t-shirt can be! o; Love those pieces you've chosen though. (:

    Lots of Love,


  3. Great picks, I love the bracelet!!


  4. Wow! I've never heard of Free People before now—interesting. The bracelet is my favorite, I think! Love it. I've never had a great fashion sense, nor the patience to put the work into having one, but I always like to see the way others do it.

    Hope you have a wonderful New Year. Keep up the awesome work here!


  5. I love the harness, it is quite different but I kinda like the idea of it! Definitely going to purchase one when it gets a bit warmer in England!

    Clothing Conscious // Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  6. That tunic is so pretty!!!

    Christina ♥