The Flourishing Crayon Melt

This is a DIY I created over two years ago, prior to blogging, so I apologize for the lack of images to follow along with! Regardless I just felt the need to share this adorable and simple project with you all. As it is finally feeling like spring, what better way to celebrate than to create a seasonal craft!
A while back, my friend started crayon melting. She is rather artsy and her home definitely shows this. I can always count on finding interesting projects to do just by stepping over the threshold. After a few visits and stealing quick glances at her canvas of wax, I thought the final product looked rather cool and fun to make. Her simple rainbow one inspired me to make my own, but with a twist. Rather than doing the rainbow one, I decided to make a flower one. 

Crayons (enough to fill the length or width of whatever size canvas you have)
Hot glue gun
Hair dryer

Steps: (for generic crayon melt)
1. Lay down a few sheets of newspaper. This project can be a bit messy, especially if you're doing it for the first time.
2. Have your blank white canvas on the paper. Optional: Paint the background a color of your choice. (Black would look really cool with neon and pastel colors. If someone does make that, email me!)
3. Arrange desired colored crayons on the canvas edge; the tips pointing towards the middle.
4. Glue down the crayons one by one with the hot glue gun.
5. Turn on your hair dryer and aim the heat at the crayons. I recommend focusing the heat on the tips of the crayons. Be patient with this step.
6. If you're satisfied with the drip effects, let it dry for a few minutes. This project is quick to dry completely.

**You can tilt the hair dryer and canvas to make the drips go in various directions.
**Figure out if you should have your hair dryer on high or low power and heat. This depends on how much splattering occurs. For mine, I was able to have my hair dryer on high without any major issues.
**Let the wax pool at the crayon tips for a few seconds and then allow it to drip. This worked best for me.

The same steps as above apply to the floral option below:

Extra materials:
Fake flowers
Green hues of crayons (Brown is up to your discretion)

Last steps:
Steps 1-6
7. Cut blossoms off of the flower stems with the pliers.
8. Glue the flowers onto the crayon "stems" with the hot glue gun.

 Have a lovely day and stay fabulous!!



  1. I've always wanted to try this, it looks like so much fun! I love the idea of the flowers, I think its a fun take on this kind of method. I've only ever seen rainbow ones :)

  2. Great post :) I was artsy enough to do something like this but mine would look like a toddler did it lol

    Natalie Ann xo // Petal Poppet Blogs ♥

  3. this is just fabulous n I have never seen anything like it. Loved the whole pic.

  4. This is so, so pretty! I definitely want to try making my own one :)

    Carolyn x
    Carolyn’s Simple Life

  5. This is such a cute idea, I once did one of these but it was a rainbow one, I copied the trend haha!

    Gemma Louise | Just Little Things

  6. This is so cute! I've seen the rainbow ones before and they are pretty but I love this so much more, it would look amazing up on a wall. x

  7. That is so cool! I've always thought the regular crayon melting was really cool but this is so much better! I'll have to try this!


  8. Thank you ♥
    Loved the blog and the post.. so cool :)

    Sweet Home | BLOG

  9. I need to try that *o* So pretty!
    Amazing tutorial, I'll try!

    Sleepy Deer

  10. Great post ;)

  11. Thank you for following my blog! Im following yours *
    I loved the blog post!! :) **

    P o l i m i n i m a l i s t a

  12. I just stumbled across this post of yours, and oh my goodness this is such a great idea! I've seen the crayon melt diy many times but I haven't seen this take on it, so props for making it your own! Great inspo for a girl like me trying to come up with dorm diys ;)

  13. I always thought the rainbow crayon melts were really cute, but I think I like this one better! Such a good take on it, well done you!
    Also, I just checked out your Instagram account and I LOVE it!!