Me on the 16:9 Screen

If this post were to be an example for a word in the dictionary, it would be for impromptu. Being someone who likes to plan, be organized, spend time on and edit the crap out of whatever I'm creating, this is a weird post for me to whip together. You see, I'm just spilling my thoughts of what I've been mulling over in my mind for many many months onto a keyboard, and hoping it's somewhat cohesive in text form.

As more or less none of you know, I'm a really techie nerdy gal. I love the computer science side to this hobby. By that I mean, HTML, graphic designing, learning how to use various programs, etc. Writing and creating are definitely passions of mine, but so is the technical aspect to sharing content like this. I'm assuming this other, and what would appear to be a slightly out of character, side to me stems from the various robotics, programming, and engineering courses I've taken. Because of this side, I purposefully take the time to learn and explore, which eventually led me to video production.

One day, well before I started blogging (as in years ago), I sat myself down and learned how to use iMovie and Windows Live Movie Maker, to what I consider, pretty well. I then did nothing with what I learned until a few months before I began this blog. That summer I went to town making little videos for myself. As life took over during the year, the opportunities to film fizzled away. Several months ago I began working with Adobe Premiere for a course I'm taking, which has forced me to make loads of videos, but has also re-instilled my interest in movie making. I have been loving every second of this creative process. 

From having worked with various programs for so long, I have a small arsenal of videos I've made that are collecting dust on my hard drive. This is basically a secret hobby/passion of mine that most don't know takes up a decent chunk of my time. (That is one of the reasons why I haven't posted in a bit because I've been filming and editing!) That being said, I have not shared them with the world yet; however it is something I'm building up to, hence why I'm publishing this post. I've briefly mentioned my interest in creating YouTube videos in the past, but this is my first proper step in actually doing so and following through with these statements. Now hopefully I won't be too nervous to share even that much more with strangers, and end up chickening out...


 Honestly, I just really needed to write these thoughts down. This may not be a particularly interesting read, but sometimes we all need to have those diary/journal posts, even if they're just saved to drafts. But since it's written, why not post it! So here's a glimpse at what's been floating through my mind!

Now some questions for you:
♥Do you like this style of post?
♥Do you have any advice for someone who is a ball of nerves thinking about sharing videos, yet really wants to start a YouTube channel?
♥Would you be willing to subscribe to me now, though I have zero videos uploaded?? XD (haha figured I'd give it a shot!)

To those who read my ramblings, thank you!... And you can find my channel here! ;)



  1. Wow, so I was just reading your blog and refreshed the home tab and this post comes up haha! Well I am a firm believer in putting yourself out there. I think you should do it, it's something you want to do and love so why not? It might be daunting at first but what isn't?

    And yes I would subscribe. As I said, I have just been reading your blog posts and I think they're pretty cute! On that note, I would also appreciate it if you could check out my blog as I am starting to get into it (again) haha!

    Hope this helps x

    1. Hahah what timing! :P Your comment has helped, so thank you! I'll pop over to your blog now! :)

  2. Definitely, I'd be willing to follow you! I loved this post and I, like you, enjoy filming and editing and all the tech-y stuff related to blogging/vlogging etc (Though I'm not that great at it!!). I actually have a youtube channel but I haven't had the opportunities lately to be posting videos, or when I did, I just didn't have the right motivation! But I've got a couple of videos up and 150 subscribers, so I believe even if you're not confident in your content (I'm not) you just need to push yourself to get out there and make yourself known. I've subscribed to your youtube and look forward to seeing what you have to offer to Youtube! <3 xxx

    (and if you would like to see my channel: )

  3. Awesome! Can't wait to see your videos.
    It's important to follow your passion :)

  4. That's amazing! I love HTML and graphic design too! (I'm a graphic designer (: ) Can't wait to see your videos!
    xo, Gretel | Young et Beautiful