Friday Fives

I haven't done a "Friday Fives" favorite post in a very long time. I miss them! Personally, I enjoy reading favorites and I'm sure I'm not alone on this one. It's a great way to have multiple reviews of a variety of products in one viewing medium, be it via post or video.

This favorites posts definitely has a variety. With all the items put together, it seems so random and jumbled. Generally when I do favorites posts, I stick to a theme/category, but not this time! Since there is quite the diversity amongst the products I'm sharing, hopefully you'll see something that intrigues you. Or maybe you will realize you need said item in your life, and this post will have actually helped you! Either way, here are some of the bits I've been loving this week (/for longer than a week really)!

Out of fear of being redundant, here's my haul post featuring these slip-ons and why I love them! All I'm gonna say now is, how cool is this print?!!

Three years ago, I was wandering through Bed, Bath, & Beyond. After going through the kitchen and bedroom sections, I found myself in the bath area. I can recall at the time I was looking for a makeup mirror. As I was heading over to them, a small plastic box with a white and a blue towel in it caught my eye. When looking closer at it, I realized these rolled up pieces of fabric were a fuss-free way to have your hair in a towel after washing it. At the time I fumbled with twisting a regular towel up on my head post-shower, which we all know is cumbersome, so to have found this, I was so hoping this "As Seen on TV" product would be the solution to my dilemma. And it has been for the past three years! Since then I've purchased a few more. They are so convenient and really absorbent! Plus, they're really cute and remind me of head wraps from the 40s-50s. The Turbie Twist is a great invention!

I will try to keep this short and sweet; though I can go on for quite a while about this product. This is the ultimate foundation. As someone who's searched high and low for at least decent foundations, this has surpassed all of my expectations. This line, as with all of the other MAC foundations, has a perfect match to my skin color. It is extremely difficult to find a match since I'm very pale, so I'm usually stuck with having a face slightly darker/more orange than everywhere else. But not anymore! This foundation also has amazing coverage. My skin naturally has red splotches, and with this, no one would even know. This foundation is also great with my combination skin. It honestly fulfills all of my requirements to the tee. I even don't mind forking over the cash for it, as it's done my skin justice!

Please excuse how this looks... it melted in the sun when sitting in my car. *cries*
This lipstick has not earned just a place in a weekly faves, but a place on my list of favorites from the past year, as well. It is definitely one of my favorites of all time. This lipstick is "super lustrous" and smooth. It applies evenly and opaquely in one layer. Pink Pearl is no doubt my go-to color. It is a slightly burnt nude. I'm one who never feels complete without lipstick and this one is perfect for that non-overpowering everyday look. 

Starbucks is a love of mine in general, but this week in particular, I've been mad about it. It's been a savior really. I actually went twice this week (whoops). One time was for a pick-me-up from hours of studying, working, daily responsibilities, etc, and the other time was with friends (and for filming ;)). I've really been enjoying the Mocha Frappuccinos for something delicious and cool, and on occasion a danish for sweet substance. Starbucks is a treat, and we all know how important it is to #TreatYoSelf!

What have you being loving lately?



  1. Lovely post! I’ve always wanted to try the turbie twist as I’ve seen it on tv and I agree - mocha frappes so good!

    Hannah xx

    1. Thank you! They're definitely worth the buy!

  2. Starbucks is definitely a safe bet after a few hours of studying! That mocha Frappuccino looks lovely although, I don't really like coffee so I always go for a creamy cooler or caramel hot chocolate :)

    Carolyn x
    Carolyn’s Simple Life

    1. I'm not a fan either. That's why I go for a Mocha Frappuccino because it tastes more like chocolate milk than coffee! XD

  3. I need to try the Mac studio fix it looks gorgeous xx

  4. I absolutely love the colour range of Mac's products!

  5. I love that lipstick colour! The shoes are nice too :)

    xo, Liz

  6. Love slip ons they are so comfortable and that revlon lipstick so gorgeous.
    Zeynab x
    The Beauty Load