Naked Basics

A month ago, a follower of my Instagram and fellow blogger was wondering if I could write up a review of the Naked Basics palette. In this haul post from several months ago, I gave a brief review of it, but at last I present a more in depth version to you! 

Everyone and their mother is well aware of the reputation of the regular ole Naked palettes; they are smooth, pigmented, and long-lasting. This is true for the Naked Basics palette, as well. The main differences between the originals versus the Basics is obviously the size and price. The Basics is ideal for on-the-go and to have such fundamental shadow shades in one handy palette. This palette is $29 dollars as opposed to the larger ones that are $54, so it's easier to fork over the smaller wad of cash. The Basics may be the cheaper of the two sizes, but as I thought about it more, it might be better to save up for a full sized one considering it comes with twelve shades and a dual sided brush, as opposed to only six colors. Choosing the smaller one or larger one all depends on what you're willing to sacrifice in order to purchase the product- the price and convenience, or cost and worth? Either way, no matter how much I love this shadow, I still believe it's overpriced.

Price aside, what I love about the Naked Basics palette is the shades and number of shadows included. This palette is comprised of six neutral tones that can form very natural looks or even smokey ones. With this pocket-sized palette are just the essentials, not an overwhelming variety. They are the basics to any gorgeous eyeshadow look.

Part of what makes these shadows so natural looking is the matte effect. Five of the six shades are matte. The one shimmery shadow is Venus. It is a beautiful cream that is great for bringing light to the eyes in the inner corner. The rest span from a yellow-y tone, to browns, and black. The yellow shade, Foxy, remained untouched for the first few months I owned this, but as spring has taken full swing, this paired with a gold eyeshadow creme featured in this post and the taupe, Naked 2, makes for a fresh, simple and sweet, light smokey eye that is perfect for this season. (Stay tuned for a post on this look!) Not only do each of the shadows blend well with other Naked shadows, but they do with other brands, too.

Despite my thoughts on the price, I still consider this to be a good purchase. The amount of product and quality is definitely there. Plus, I get so much use out of it. Once I use up this palette, which won't be for a while I'm sure, I will no doubt purchase this again. The Naked Basics palette has earned a permanent spot in my collection.

Do you own the Naked Basics palette? How about any of the other Naked palettes? What are your thoughts on these shadows?



  1. Nice post, beuatiful colors ;)

  2. It's amazing !


  3. This is my go-to eyeshadow palette!
    It's great!

    Monika | Snaps + Pixels

  4. I really want the Naked Basics & the Naked Basics 2 palettes but I can't justify buying them with all 3 full size palettes?! xx

    Gemma Louise | Just Little Things

  5. I have naked 1,2 and 3! I think that naked 2 was a waisted product on me as I don't use many of the colours, but I got them all as factory seconds off eBay, it's so much cheaper! X

  6. I love my Naked Basics palette, it has definitely been one of my most used products!

    xo, Liz

  7. ive never tried this product but i have the naked 2 pallette and love it :) x x

  8. The Naked palettes are so pretty and I have wanted one for ages, however I never have enough money for one!:( The shades look gorgeous.

    -Charlotte xo (

  9. Did it come with a free bag?

    1. No (if only), the clutch in the picture is from a local vintage shop!

  10. I don't have any of Naked Basics palettes, but I really want to buy Basics 2 as it looks as a perfect everyday palette for me. Also I can't imagine my life without Naked 3. So many amazing shades that I can't stop using it! Yana xxx