As Abraham Lincoln said, "A house divided against itself cannot stand." But what about a fashion house- une maison de la mode? With the prospect of pairing denim together as key components of a trendy outfit, the world of the style savvy has been left divided. That's understandable considering it was once a fashion faux pas to do so and if not done well or with purpose, you're left in a disarray of denim. However if done with clever intent then double the denim can be double the delight. Read on for crucial points to know when wearing denim on denim.

As with anything in life, balance is extremely important. Fashion, and specifically trying to wear denim on denim, is no exception. If you are wearing a light colored top, wear dark colored bottoms. If you are wearing a tight fitted bottom, go with a slouchier top. If you are wearing a distressed piece, have the other one be perfectly polished. With this trend, it is important not to over accentuate anything. 

Break it up
Denim has a tendency to blend if color, rinse, and weight are too similar. That's why it's important to break it up with a belt, scarf, or vest. It detracts from the double denim helping with the notion of maintaining balance.

Colors & Patterns
If you're not a fan of the true blue, you could always utilize the variety of denim available. There are countless colors out there to wear other than blue. There are also many patterns you could wear and style on any color denim, as well. For my look I went with a polka dotted dark blue top. The dots also happen to match the light rinse wash of the boyfriend jeans helping to tie the outfit together.

To avoid denim blending, focus on having opposing fabrics, rinses, and weights. Denim comes in all shapes, colors, and sizes, so use all of the differences to your advantage and don't wear two very similar pieces at once.

Keep it quiet
By keep it quiet I mean keep it simple. Leave the statement necklaces and loud showy pieces at home. Get back to basics. Stick to one accent color or metal for your accessories. 

This denim on denim look is what I'll be wearing at a BBQ my friend's family is hosting for the Fourth of July. This very blue look will be perfect for celebrating the USA's birthday!

 Would you sport denim on denim?



  1. i love your outfit ♥

  2. Totally agree with all your points <3 When done right, it is sooooo nice! But it can be easily done wrong, done right and it pays off! Your makeup is on point btw! <3 This is a wonderful post! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog, always returning the support

  3. You're so pretty! :)
    I love that shirt!!

    Xoxo Jessy

  4. Very pretty!


  5. This outfit looks so cute! I love the bag ^-^

    Sarah |

  6. I love it! I would totally sport denim on denim :)

    Samantha Series

  7. I love your outfit and the lipstick really brings it all together!:)x

  8. you look great, the outfit is really pretty but those nails stole the spotlight for me :)

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  9. Such a polished look, you style it so well and look amazing. It’s so chic in an understated way. I also enjoyed your top tips!! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog