Instagram Diary & a New Endeavor

Instagram is one of my favorite apps. Shocker, I know. I love being able to connect with fellow bloggers and YouTubers now that I've made my account public (read about that in this post), and of course showcasing my photography, things I've been loving, what I've been up to, and the occasional selfie. Lately I have really been liking my Instagram. It captures the essence of who I am and what I enjoy. It shows my growth and investment in certain areas. It has also made me discover new hobbies I'd like to undertake. Instagram is my virtual happy place, apart from my blog, because it makes me reflective and puts things into perspective, too; just in a more spontaneous and relaxed way.

A biweekly habit of mine is visiting antique and consignment shops and then hitting-up the nearest café afterwards. Most of these photos are from such days. When perusing these places, I'm always so inspired to create similar products as what I see, since the shabby chic antique style is very much up my alley. I always thought, "I just wish I could do that, too." A couple of weeks ago it dawned on me- why couldn't I make such items? I am a content creator everyday be it written, dainty decor, or photography. Creativity is such a fundamental part of who I am. Instagram may make me happy, but being creative is what makes me content. So why not try flipping, upcycling, and simply making?  

That is my new endeavor. I'm just going for it. Sometimes you have to just do it. Since my mum is so similar to me in this way, we've decided to make it a team effort and work together. This weekend we are going to some flea markets and shops to see what we can find and get this party started. I already have so many designs and ideas in mind that I can't wait to turn into physical creations. 



  1. your instagram feed is goals so is your blog ! Nice post :) x

  2. I just went ahead and followed you.. I love your feed! And man, I totally get that you go on instagram and feel a bit inspired. I follow a good handful of artists and travel bloggers. It really makes me want to get out there and go and paint everything!

    Good luck on the furniture DIYs, that sounds really fun. My roommate and I are planning to go look for furniture and antiques to spruce up our apartment as well.

    Peace & Love //

  3. Beautiful photos! ;)

  4. Pretty pictures, thanks for sharing! :)

    I have a new post up on the blog, would love to know your thoughts:

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  5. Your Instagram is so cute! I just followed you! Good luck with your new endeavor ^-^

    Sarah |

  6. That's so awesome that you're going to create things with your mom! Like seriously awesome, and I feel the exact same way about instagram but I could never put it in words. Good luck!!

  7. I love upcycling! My mother is into it as well and I recommend anyone and everyone do it because it is so much fun! You should vlog your ideas and how you created them :) It would be fun to watch and it would be good inspiration for others as well!

  8. ohhhh DIY to come! I love the idea :)
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥