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In about five minutes I have to be out of the house to head into Boston. My brother and I are going on vacation. After staying in Boston and surrounding towns for a few days, we'll then head down to his place in NYC. So really it's a vacation for me. It is strongly being encouraged that I "stop holding us up with my tomfoolery" and wrap this up. (Ok, brother dearest.) So I'm going to make this super quick and easy to follow.

This DIY was made over a year ago because I am someone who loves the buck/fawn fad. Much like with this craft post, I didn't take photos of my process. I'll try to make this as clear as possible. If you have any questions, feel free to email me whenever at! Also, check out my first YouTube video for a mini follow along of this creation. The first section of the video labeled "DIY" is a brief overview on how to make this beautiful buck. Could be a handy aid if you're a very visual person like myself.

8" x 11" canvas
An assortment of buttons
Hot glue gun
Optional: Silhouette of a buck & ribbon


1. Unless you want to place the buttons free-handed without any template like I did (very time consuming), print out a silhouette of a buck. (example or print out the picture of my finished product)

2. Cut around the silhouette and outline the edges on a canvas. Be very light when doing so to avoid harsh lines that don't erase well. 

3. Place various sized buttons within the outline of the buck or in the best buck shape you can manage if you're not using a printout. 
     Note 1: You don't have to make the perfect buck profile. This DIY looks much cuter leaning towards the cartoon side rather than anatomically correct side.
     Note 2: Place a contrasting button from the ones around it where the eye would be located.

4. One by one glue the buttons down.

5. Let them dry completely and then you're done!

Optional: Glue (and tape for extra security) a ribbon to the back of the canvas to hang on a wall. I didn't do that with mine because it has a home on the top of one of my shelves while resting against the wall.  

This is a super simple shabby chic craft. Once you've arranged the buttons in a way you like, this DIY doesn't take much time to complete at all.

I won't be online much this next week, so I have two posts and a video lined up for the following week! If you try this craft, be sure to share it on Instagram, tag/mention me, and use the hashtag #mollymac.

With that, have a lovely day and week, and stay fabulous! :)



  1. That is such a cute and colourful idea that I need to try :)

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  4. This is such a cute idea, I might give it a try and get creative with some different animals. Enjoy your vacation!

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