Finals Week | Elf Edition

This upcoming week is jam-packed with finals for me. Seeing as I've been complaining about finals for the past few posts, I thought, why not just dedicate an entire post to that? To take my mind off all I have to do (/procrastinate), I wanted to combine Christmas and what will basically be how I take on this busy week in a lighthearted way. Get a good ol' chuckle from Buddy the Elf. Plus, I wanted an excuse to watercolor, and ended up coming up with this illustration! Hope you enjoy!

1. Time to get organized. This consists of making an excess amount of to-do lists in order to feel productive, but in reality you’re really just procrastinating even more than you already have been.

2. Everything distracts you from dealing with the tasks at hand.

3. Once you're “organized,” it dawns on you how much information you have to cover and you wish you hadn’t wasted so much time.

4. What does one do in stressful times? Stress eat.

5. You can’t help but beat yourself up for all of the time you wasted over the semester goofing off when you should have been paying much closer attention.

6. But you try to play it off and seem unfazed despite the crippling anxiety you now have.

7. Finally you get down to business, and anything with caffeine becomes your lifeline.

8. Last minute, your professor sends out a study guide narrowing the focus of all the information you have to review. You thought you had to study everything, but really you don’t. This is honestly the best gift from Santa. Ever.

9. Finally it’s exam time. Brace yourself…

10. Just remember, the first question is always the scariest.

11. Oh, and remember that information you thought you didn’t need to review because the professor didn't put it on the study guide? Well turns out you do need to know it, and it’s on the exam… several times.

12. After dealing with stress sweat and hand cramps, your exam is finally over and you’ve never felt more relieved.

13. And at last you’re free to go home and be Christmas af.

The End!! 

If you also have finals this week, good luck!!

~Cranberry Emberbaubles
(my elf name... find yours here!)

*Note: This post is inspired by something I saw on Buzzfeed a while back. Just tried to make my own version!*


  1. Amazing post, I love Elf! So relatable x

    Erin // Everything Erin

  2. Love this post so much! This is so relatable! I love this movie and I am totally feeling you on the finals stress. All those gifs hahahaha :))

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

  3. I followed you! Nice blog!

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  4. Love the gifs, they're hilarious!
    Love your blog, please check mine out ;)

  5. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog; I've followed you as well!
    Elf is the all-time best holiday movie!! And I have two finals left to go this week... good luck to you!