The 12 Days of Blogmas

I can verify firsthand that Blogmas is in fact a huge undertaking. It is a commitment that requires great organizational and time management skills. Frankly, keeping up with that for 25 days straight is draining on top of other daily happenings. Intimidated by this task? Don't be because there is an alternative that requires only half the work; The 12 Days of Blogmas. Only from December 13th-25th would you post. Ideally I should have posted this a few days ago in case anyone would be interested in trying it this year... clearly I need to work on my organizational skills. Feel free to still follow along the guide I've made, even a few days late, or bookmark it and already start planning for next year!

Day 1: Christmas tree "tour"
Day 2: Christmas playlist
Day 3: Wishlist
Day 4: A Christmassy DIY
Day 5: Stocking stuffers
Day 6: Gift guide
Day 7: Product (s) review
Day 8: Favorite Christmas films
Day 9: Favorite memories from Christmases past
Day 10: Christmas MOTD
Day 11: Christmas OOTD
Day 12: It’s Christmas! Post a cozy snap in your pjs, or of all the gifts that Santa left under the tree, then get off your computer & be with family!

If you're doing Blogmas, how's it going for you? 
To anyone else, will you be doing the 12 Days of Blogmas?



  1. Wow, nice idea!)

    Would you like to follow each other? Let me know and I follow you back)

  2. Really great idea:)
    Have a nice week!:)

  3. Wowwee hats off you for posting for 12 days in a row :)
    Looking forward to reading all of your Christmassy posts!
    Reyna xox

  4. great idea! I wasn't too organised this year so will be keeping this in mind for next! xx