My Christmas List

Apologies for my Christmas list being a bit lame this year. Honestly, I'm fortunate enough to have a lot of the things I want/need already. Most of these items I want, sure, but I wouldn't be heartbroken if I didn't get them. This year I haven't been wanting a lot of tangible things either because I'm perfectly content with what I have and other aspects of life take precedence. What I really want is love, happiness, quality friendships, health, and adventure for myself and loved ones. Plus, regarding tangible items, I save up and spend throughout the year on things I truly want, so a day of receiving gifts is kind of pointless for me. Contrasting that, I loveeee giving gifts, so I can't wait to show you what I've gotten family and friends this year!! (Once I actually purchase everything... ha.)

500 followers on GFC
This, to me, is a huge milestone, so to be able to reach that would be absolutely amazing. Not only would it be a goal met, but it'd also mean I have 500 friends!

Threshold White Faux Fur Pouf
Lately I've been really into home decor and homeware, so I'm forever making lists of things I would like to purchase for my first real place in the future. For now I'm accumulating a few things here and there. This pouf would be perfect in the future I'm sure, but would also be in my dorm, as well. I have a white fur butterfly chair that'd match this. I can just envision myself now relaxing in my chair and kicking my feet up onto this furry thing.

Hanging Star Light
How gorgeous is this light? I don't have a spot for this per say at the moment, but eventually I will! It's simply a stunning statement piece that bodes well with my love for copper, so how could I not want this?

iPhone 6s
I'm an apple user through and through. Gotta love Apple products. I currently have the iPhone 5, but would love to upgrade at some point. With my love of all things rose gold and copper, of course I'll end up getting that one. If you own this phone, how do you like it?

Snow Dusting Throw
Last time I was in Anthro I spotted this throw and immediately fell in love. It is so cozy and soft. The pompoms on it add such a cute touch, too. Again, I love all things homey and a nice throw definitely fits that bill.

In my dorm room alone I have what some may consider an unhealthy amount of mugs. I just love 'em! Like with other homey bits, I'm stocking up now to have for the future. Plus, I get so much use out of my mugs, so why not add to the collection?

Turtleneck Sweater
... I may or may not have just purchased this...
With my obsession over turtlenecks, one definitely had to make an appearance on this list. This one in particular is extremely comfortable and slouchy, which is exactly the kind I've been looking for. Plus, it is a nice neutral grey that definitely goes well with most of my wardrobe. Absolutely love this sweater!

What's on your Christmas list this year?



  1. Nice christmas list have a good day

  2. That's a great christmas list :) I think the 500 followers thing is a good one, in fact you're almost there!
    I am totally the same! I got so many mugs piled up in the cabinets, I don't have enough room for them! I end up just leaving some in the dishwasher. But I can't resist getting new mugs! Such a vicious cycle

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

  3. i hope you get to 500 soon :)
    and turtlenecks are HOT this season :D
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  4. I'm the same as you, I mostly buy the things I want throughout the year so when it comes to Christmas I usually don't really want or need anything. You have picked out some really lovely things, so hope you get some of them :) Great post! xx

  5. My sister has the iPhone 6S. She loves it! Loved this post, Molly! xo

  6. Oh nice Post and i really like your list

    Best regards Kim,

  7. Those mugs are so cute! I still have the iPhone 5 too and it's literally falling apart I need to upgrade to the 6s badly! x