3 Valentine's Day Desserts

Being a blogger, naturally I have to exploit the fact that Valentine's Day is right around the corner with a themed post. Originally I had intended on creating a makeup tutorial, but having seen how many are springing up, I opted to do something I've never done before, nor intended on doing for a while- make a baking video. Filming a baking video for one recipe is so difficult, let alone for three; especially when you only have yourself to rely on. That being said, apologies that this one isn't spectacular. I'll work towards improving for future videos!

Even so I did really want to share these recipes with you because they are so delicious and sweet. And they each include Oreos!! Hopefully this will inspire you to get into the kitchen and bake! :)

Oreo Pops

Double Stuffed Oreos
White melting chocolate
Sanding sugar
Lollipop sticks

1. Separate one cookie from a whole Oreo.
2. Press the stick into the center creme.
3. Lock it in with a bit of melted chocolate and place the cookie back on.
4. Let harden as you melt the white chocolate down.
5. Dip one side of the cookie into the chocolate.
6. Put some sanding sugar on it.
7. With the finished side facing up, lay the pop down to harden.
8. Do the exact same thing to the other side
9. And Voila!

No Bake Oreo Truffles 

1 package of Double Stuffed Oreos
4 to 8 oz. of cream cheese
Melting chocolate

1. Using a food processor, finely chop the Oreos. (Set aside some of this crumble for the last recipe.)
2. With your hands, a spoon, or hand mixer combine the cream cheese and Oreos.
3. Roll the mix into 1 inch balls and place on a wax paper covered cookie sheet.
4. Put it in the freezer for 10 minutes.
5. While the truffles are hardening, melt down some milk chocolate.
6. After 10 minutes, pull the truffles out of the freezer.
7. Using a fork, dip them into the chocolate and place back on the wax paper
8. Let them cool for 10 more minutes in the fridge.
9. Pull them out to add some pink decorative stripes using melting chocolate again.
10. Pop them back in to the fridge and after another 45 minutes, they'll be ready to enjoy!

Raspberry Chocolate Meringue Cookies 

3 egg whites at room temperature
1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar Dash salt
3/4 cup sugar 
1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of raspberry extract
1/4 teaspoon red food coloring
Melting chocolate
Oreo crumble from the previous recipe

1.Pre-heat the oven to 225°F.
2. Add the egg whites, cream of tartar, salt, food coloring, and extract into a mixing bowl.
3. With a kitchen aid or hand mixer, beat the mix until a soft peak forms or the mixture is slightly stiff and shiny.
4. Gradually add the sugar as you mix. Continue beating until a stiff peak forms.
5. Spoon the meringue into a piping bag and pipe 1 inch dollops onto a cookie sheet.
6. Bake for 2 hours or until crisp and dry.
7. Let them cool for 30 minutes.
8. Garnish the cookies with chocolate and the Oreo crumble.
9. Let the decoration harden and you're done!

Whether you're celebrating Valentine's Day, Galentine's day, or Singles Awareness Day; I absolutely recommend these treats! If you try them, be sure to let me know by tweeting me a picture or posting one to Instagram and mentioning me in the caption or use the hashtag #mollymac.

Do you have any plans for the 14th?



  1. Yummm!! These look delicious! Super keen to watch your video and follow along!


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