New Handbag, New Me

After my trusty two year old black bag from Target started falling apart, I thought it time to be on the hunt for a new one. A month and some change ago, I naturally popped into Target and ended up finding the bag of my dreams. Generally for everything I stick with the basics; however with this bag I'm pushing myself beyond that comfort zone. This time around I've opted for a bag a bit more trendy and preppy.

Last week I posted a video sharing my general excitement over the beauty of this bag, as well as the contents within it. (It's what's on the inside that counts, right?) This video was filmed shortly after I purchased this handbag, so when it was in mint condition with only essentials inside. Normally my bags don't remain as organized and pristine as shown in the video; however with the season of cleaning upon us, I've made it a point to maintain this. So far, so good! All I can say is having a handbag that isn't a dumping ground for random receipts and miscellaneous knickknacks contributes a lot to feeling more put together and polished. Plus, it makes the shopping process a heck of a lot easier and more efficient, which is always fab. Check out what I lug around day-to-day below!

~Satchel Bag~

Have you bought a bag recently? How do you feel about nontraditional colored bags?


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  1. That is a GREAT bag. I have one in that color except it's a cross body bag. I love non traditional colors. I even have this kind of collage sort of colored one from Jimmy Choo. The nice thing is they add so much to a plain or simple outfit.

  2. Aah this is such a beautiful bag, I love the colour! Even though I'm not much of a bag person I really like this one :) x

    Sara / AboutLittleThiings

  3. Such a cute bag, love the colour =]

  4. Woah so beautiful ! I want that bag too hahaha love your blog

    xoxo, Syarah

  5. Very pretty and the color are so beautiful

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  7. It's such a lovely bag! I am really liking that shade of blue :)

  8. Oh that's such a lovely powder blue colour! I usually wear my bags to death before investing in new ones ha! X

  9. Love that bag!