The First Day of Spring

I’m always a sucker for fresh starts, so when specific days roll around, I jump to use them as a starting point. That was the case with today seeing as it is the first day of spring. With that I turned to my trusty notepad to jot down different tasks I wanted to complete today in order to start this spring off right. My theme for this season is making the most of whatever environment I’m in, having fun and learning to be spontaneous, self-care, and working towards turning my dreams into reality. With this little list I created and completed today, so far I’m accomplishing each of those overarching points.

-drink lemonade & tea (perhaps a combo) 
-buy flowers & plants 
-buy fresh fruits & veggies
-eat clean today
-wash sheets & comforter 
-clean windows 
-finish menial tasks for the upcoming week (homework, laundry, etc) 
-make a spring cleaning to-do list 
-pick out a book for leisure 
-spend time outside on this sunny Sunday 
-do a bit of yoga 
-go to the gym
-watch HGTV
-blog planning & scheduling
-blog post

Hopefully from this post you’ll feel inspired to create your own list. Knowing what you need to do is half the battle, so get to making those lists! It's definitely a great feeling being able to check those boxes off, helping you to kickoff spring in the best way possible. 

How are you starting this spring off right?


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  1. This was very inspiring to read Molly, thank you for sharing! :) I hope you'll have a beautiful spring time full of sunshine & happiness x

    Sara / AboutLittleThiings

  2. I also need to do some things from your list. :)

    The Fashion Spell

  3. that's a great plan dear x hope you achieve everything!

  4. Really inspiring!

  5. Great blog post! I love the motivation! I'm definitely like you when it comes to new beginnings. This has definitely inspired me to write to do lists because it certainly feels good when you get them done!


  6. I am super excited about spring and checking off goals on my to do list! :)

  7. Stay up later and have more time in the daylight! I want to go back to the gym, brighten up the house, buy more flowers!

    Meme xx

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  8. Uauuu! That colors are amazing!