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As I’ve shared time and time again, Instagram is my absolute favorite platform, aside from blogging itself. It is an excellent way to share one’s style and personality, and really whatever desired, through the visual medium. And as an extremely visual person and lover of a good aesthetic, I just have to appreciate (/obsess over) this app.

With my love of Instagram, I thought it fitting to implement a weekly feature on le blog here, sharing some of my favorite feeds on Follow Friday. Why not spread the love and hopefully introduce you all to some gorgeous and inspiring IGs?

To kick off this segment, naturally I have to shine a spotlight on some of my favorite bloggers’ Instagrams, since their Instas have ended up being a few of my faves, too! #BloggersDoEverythingBetter, am I right? 

These six lovely, talented, and beautiful bloggers each have Instagrams I am quite fond of, as they closely resemble my own style and incorporate so many things I love. When in need of style inspiration or a simple glance of something visually appealing, these IGs are my go-to’s. Between the themes and overall content shared, these are what I call Gram Goals.

[from left-right based on the photo collage above:]

Where do I even begin with Alix's Instagram, and really all of her social medias? In a nutshell, they are perfect. Stylistically and thematically, her Instagram is absolutely gorgeous. Upon clicking on her account, anyone's first impression is going to be amazement at how well and beautifully she executes her theme and is able to share her interests and lovely personality in the process. Aside from her Instagram and blog, I highly recommend you check out her YouTube channel, as well. It's ace. Plus, you can find out how she manages to create such a flawless feed in this video!

Though I am a newer follower of Suzie's, I am still enchanted by the content she shares. Once again we have another case of a talented blogger with a gorgeous Instagram, and an absolutely incredible YouTube channel! So far I really appreciate Suzie's aesthetic and genuine nature. Also, she's just come out with such a pretty and delicate jewelry line with Mejuri, so congrats to Suzie for that accomplishment! Shop the collection here, if you fancy.

First off, Becca has the most adorable pug. And Instagram for that matter. Her feed is a beautiful blend of light, bright, pretty, pastel posts. What I particularly love about Becca's feed is the variety beneath that stunning stylistic theme. It is the perfect balance of makeup, fashion, flatlays, interiors, exteriors, pug pics, plants, food- basically all of the things I love. I must say with every single post of a European exterior, I become more and more eager to study broad in the UK in a little over a year (!!). Suh stunning. Becca's YouTube channel is another one of my faves, as well, so be sure to give that a peek!  

I can always count on Robyn for fab outfits and fierce poses. Serious style inspo over on her account. The shots she captures and shares showcasing outfit details are unmatched and very professional. Her outfits and fashion photography are always on point, and for that she deserves so many more followers. Definitely check her Instagram and blog out!

Kate's blog is one I've had bookmarked for a while, so naturally I had to follow a fave blogger on Instagram. And I'm so glad I did because her feed is so frickin amazing. We have a lot of the same focuses when it comes to blogging and interests in general, so it's no surprise her feed is a favorite. Kate posts interiors, beauty, fashion, and nice day-in-the-life photos under a slightly minimalistic veil with pops of pinks and color. It makes for a very warm and cheerful viewing experience. Not only is her Instagram goals, but so is her Pinterest and YouTube channel, so give those some love!

Jenni's Instagram is also a newer addition to accounts I follow. So far I absolutely love her aesthetic and the content she creates, from actual IG photos to DIYs. I always appreciate a creative and original DIY-er, and Jenni certainly is one. Can't wait to see what she comes up with next!

Be sure to give these ladies a follow on any/all of their platforms. They are well-deserving of it and you certainly wouldn't regret it!

Hope you've enjoyed this first installment of 'Instagrams to Follow' on Follow Friday! Who are some of your fave Instagrammers?



  1. I was expecting my Instagram account to be on there hahahah! xx

  2. ouu thanks for sharing! i love finding new people to get some inspiration :)

    Xoxo Jessy

  3. Thanks so much for this Molly, it's actually made my day! So glad you like my snaps!!

    Robyn xx

    1. No worries, lovely! I'm always happy to spread the blogger love. xx

  4. I follow all of these girlies hehe :) Robyn especially i just LOVE her posts! I also love Love Cloth, Liv Purvis & Little Miss Katy!

    <a href="”>Bumble & Be</a>

    1. She is so fab! Liv will definitely be in a future IG FF post. I'll have to check out the other two. Thanks for sharing! xx

  5. Thanks for sharing! Lovely blog. xx ~ art & design blog