Sephora + Pantone Universe Modern Watercolors Eyes Palette | Review

As I mentioned on Instagram, each work day this week I will be posting a brand new beauty review! Today I’d like to introduce you to the prettiest palette I own, the Sephora + Pantone Universe Modern Watercolors Eyes Palette featuring the colors of the year. 

I surprised myself when I purchased this palette. Half the reason I bought this was for the beautiful packaging. The other half, if I’m honest, was to simply look at the stunning tones. Honestly I wasn’t quite sure how much use I’d get out of this (*yikes* @ me lol). As someone who wasn’t daring for the longest time when it came to eye makeup, as in I ONLY used the Naked Basics palette for a solid year, going from that to this seemed like too big of a huge jump. However it wasn’t at all! 

The 24 gorgeous colors enclosed in this palette are relatively low pigmentation on the first layer. That being said they are buildable, which is fantastic. But since they are pretty sheer initially, this product is the perfect transitional palette into the world of non-neutrals, and these fun colors can be worked into an everyday makeup look relatively effortlessly. Yesterday I actually uploaded a pretty simple summery makeup look where this was the primary eyeshadow palette used and the result certainly wasn’t outrageous looking. You can watch the tutorial here.

As I was completing that makeup look I found these shadows to not only be true to color when packed on a bit, but incredibly easy to blend. There was no fallout from these shadows and they lasted all day, even when I didn’t use a primer! 

Now for the not so great news about this palette. The individual shadow tins seem a bit small in person. I was a bit surprised when I first opened it by the sizing and what I envision the depth of the tins to be. However I’ve only just started using this palette a few weeks ago and I’ve yet to hit pan- so far so good! I’d also say it is a tad pricey for what you’re getting at $39, but then again I think everything is overpriced. Having the names Pantone and Sephora slapped onto this product now doubt jacked up its price. Yay branding. 

Overall, I love this palette! It is beautiful, has gotten me out of my comfort zone, and is such a unique mix of colors. Plus, it’s based off of Pantone, and as a self-proclaimed designer, I loveee that. Whether I’m creating bright bold looks, or ones for everyday, I’m always so excited to pull out this palette!

What's your favorite palette at the moment?



  1. Great colors for the summer!! Nice post ;)

    A thousand kisses,

  2. omg this palette is so cute - the colours are so pretty!!

  3. That is a stunning palette and I adore the look you created! It's so perfect for summer!
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  4. definitely out of my comfort zone too but SO pretty! loving how all the shades are anything but nude!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

    1. So far it's been fun creating looks outside my comfort zone with the help of this palette. Highly recommend it! xx