Kinda Sexy + Vegas Volt

- Kinda Sexy - Vegas Volt -

For day two of reviews, I have for you my thoughts on the two newest additions to my MAC lipstick collection. I’ve hit double digits! As you can imagine, based on the number I’ve purchased I love this range of lipsticks and I’m going to find these two newbies pretty nice like any other one. And in short, they are!

During late springtime when it actually started warming up, I began noticing my lack of lipsticks for the brighter and warmer months. As a collector of lipsticks, specifically ones of the MAC variety, I swiveled my attention to what they had available on their site that would suit my needs. The majority of my MAC lipstick collection before buying these was overwhelmingly bold autumnal lippies and a few that were passable for summer. However they were still a tad too dark for a natural everyday wear. After browsing around MAC’s site, checking out blogs, and watching far too many MAC lipstick collection + swatch videos I finally settled on Kinda Sexy and Vegas Volt to add a bit more diversity to my collection.

Kinda Sexy (Matte)
Contradicting my last post, I used to never dare go for a bold eye, but wouldn’t hesitate for a bold lip. As of lately, though, that’s reversed slightly. I’ve definitely been preferring the softer “prettier” tones much more on my lips. Kinda Sexy is as neutral as it gets for lipsticks. It’s neither too pink, nor too brown. It is just the perfect midtown nude. And of course this sort of shade looks amazing as a matte finish. This formula is extremely pigmented, creamy, and so long-lasting. Now I wouldn’t say this lipstick is kinda sexy, but I would say it’s kinda fab! Been really loving this one at the moment. Check out how it looks in my latest YouTube video here.

Vegas Volt (Amplified)
Ok, so I couldn’t completely get away from the more striking tones on this latest MAC haul. Vegas Volt is more of an orange-y/coral-y based color, so certainly brighter than a nude. However it is not nearly as in-your-face as one like Lady Danger or Morange; partly due to it having pink undertones, but also because it’s an Amplified formula. It is relatively sheer going on and has to be built-up slightly to achieve a more glossy opaque finish. Since it is an Amplified it needs to be touched up regularly. Once on, though, this shade is so beautiful. It is one that would compliment a range of skin tones, as well. This and a shimmery beige-brown eye look would look gorgeous! (Maybe I’ll make that into a tutorial. ;))

If you’d like to know what my favorite MAC lipsticks are, recommendations, or would even like to see my modestly-sized collection, do let me know! I'd be more than happy to share because I just loveee MAC lipsticks. :)

What’s your favorite MAC lipstick?



  1. I already own Kinda Sexy it's such a nice colour, just your staple nude! I really like the look of Vegas Volt though, it looks perfect for summer especially on holiday!

    Shellie Skillen

  2. Do you think Kinda Sexy is the pale girl version of Velvet Teddy?

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  3. My favorite Mac Lipstick is the one in the color syrup :)

    Nina xx

  4. Kinda Sexy is a stunning shade! Both of them are just perfect for summer! I must get them! I'm in love! <3

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  5. vegas volt is my kinda shade! very pretty and summer perfect!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  6. These shades look so pretty! My personal fave...Russian Red!!x


  7. I am absolutely in love with these colors. Definitely going to look into purchasing Kinda Sexy. Lovely post, Molly! xx

  8. Ah I love both of these shades! I really need to pick up Vegas Volt for this lovely weather :) x

    Liv | Ramblings of a Makeup Lover