Why hello there. Long time, no see. Random hiatus aside, I have a new feature I’m adding to le blog called the Lady Boss series (#LadyBoss). Like The Blogger Guide, which has slowly been accumulating posts and resources on my blog for a bit, the Lady Boss series will, as well. The focus of this feature will be professional development, learning to be the best version of yourself in the big business world, and just general tips and tricks on how to successfully “adult.”

As a young business student and entrepreneur, I am constantly developing these skills. And over this last year I’ve not only strengthened those for myself, but I have also learned that I love encouraging and aiding others in these areas. Not too long ago I was chatting with my friend about her major and the uncertainty she felt towards it. We picked it apart together uncovering why she was drawn to it initially just to have her fall in love with it all over again and end up taking on a minor I had recommended. Now she is even pursuing an internship in that field and is loving it more than ever! I just bubble with excitement over these types of topics and knowing that discussing them can be of benefit to others! Hence why I will now be sharing this side of my interests on here now.

Stay tuned for plenty of beauty, fashion, interiors, recipes, DIYs, tech help, and The Blogger Guide posts, as well as ones for the Lady Boss series! If you weren't aware, due to popular demand determined by a Twitter poll, I will be taking on Blogtober/Vlogtober and Blogmas/Vlogmas this year alternating between posts and videos either every other day or week. That is the plan, at least. Either way, get ready for loads of new content!

What would you like to see more of on my blog?



  1. Great post!! I love your idea :D

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  2. Nice post. I really love beauty, fashion and DIYs! :)

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  3. This sounds interesting! I would like more beauty

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