Smart Summer Style

As I am pulled deeper into the depths of adulthood and the art of “adulting,” slowly but surely I am recognizing the kind of style and energy I want to give off. This style can be classified as the “smart” style, which aligns well with my general minimalistic tendencies. As a business major and aspiring lady boss, I am appreciating and reveling more and more in the idea of putting off a professional presence day-to-day. Being the entrepreneurial type with loads of ambitious goals, by having my fashion sense reflect that mindset, for whatever reason, just aids in keeping me inspired and motivated. I simply feel my best when dressed to impress!

While I am technically an adult that would love to dress business casual daily like a boss-ass bitch, I am still a teenager. That is why I choose to find a balance between the polished and lax styles. Though I want to be presentable, I also want to be comfortable and not too stuffy. That is why for this outfit I’ve paired my favorite white button-down top with ripped jeans, some fun yet simple strappy heels, and a classic quilted bag.

Top: LOFT 
Jeans: American Eagle 
Heels: Kohl’s 
Bag: T.J. Maxx 
Belt: Walmart

How would you classify your style?



  1. Very chic and stylish outfit. You look gorgeous and glam!

    xo Azu

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  3. Loooove this look, it suits you so well! 😊 x xo

  4. I love it!! great outfit dear :D

    Have a nice day !

  5. What a gorgeous outfit! Very simple but very chic! Your photos are always just so point too! x


  6. I love this look, I really want a pair of heels like those ones! x

  7. Awesome look, you rock girl!

    Thounsand kisses,