The Sweet Life in Sugar Hill

For one month every year, Sugar Hill, NH is the place to be. Sugar Hill is a typical quintessential New England town complete with a country store and white steeple church. At first glance, it doesn’t bode much beyond a scenic drive and a few shops. However there is so much more to this special village.

Like clockwork, when the calendar turns June, the lupines bloom. With that, each year the town of Sugar Hill hosts a festival for these flowers, encouraging people near and far to get outdoors and experience this passing charm.

Nestled in the hills of the White Mountains are rolling fields of these purple wild flowers. Among the tall grass and winding paths are plaques showcasing sweet sayings from local poet, Robert Frost, and others. All are viewable during a pleasant hike or horse-drawn carriage ride through the fields.

After being immersed in nature, it is necessary to make your way back to modern times by returning to the Sugar Hill Sampler’s parking area. Don’t get in the car yet, though! Stop in the ole shop for some quirky handmade bits by locals. Need a cat clock? Look no further than in this barn.

Down the route from the main fields are not only more fields, but the most delightful brunch establishment around- Polly’s Pancake Parlor. Their range of breakfast and lunch dishes do not disappoint. If you like maple flavored foods (candies, spreads, and more), make this mom and pop restaurant a priority to stop at! 

If you’re an avid skier like myself, you can also visit the very slopes of the first ski school in America. It’s pretty neat, just like this little town. There is just so much history around every corner in New England towns like this. No matter how small it is there is always oodles to do and see, far beyond what meets the eye. They are true gems.

Have you visited New England yet?


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  1. what a beautiful place! reminds of our countrysides over here! hope you had lots of fun!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥