Summer '17 Playlist

When I think of summer a few things come to mind- warm nights sat by the bonfire, long days at the sandy shore, and aimless wonderings to wherever the road takes us. What each of these have in common is the ambience they offer; especially when paired with a vibing playlist.

Music is such a powerful medium. It has the ability to alter our moods in any given moment, and heighten our connection to them. Without it, something as simple as driving along the coastline at sunset doesn’t seem as significant. Those beats filling the background just intensifies that bubbly reaction felt when enjoying an experience. Music mirrors and magnifies the present. That is why I have always put so much care into creating playlists.

My “Summer ‘17” playlist falls in line with the typical sounds I go for, but is also meaningful for a multitude of reasons. It includes some of my favorite indie songs from all of my playlists and songs that I’ve linked to moments from this summer (most of which being ones involving Europe). While this playlist is a mash-up of different styles and tempos, it is my go-to for the summer. I feel nothing but happiness and positive energy while listening to it!

What songs have you been loving this summer? Any that would fit into this playlist?

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  1. I discovered Tori Amos this summer, she is incredible and I don`t understand why I have never heard about her!