Golden Hour, Golden Thoughts

Being the introvert I am, I crave opportunities for peace and solitude. I naturally can sink into moments of mindfulness and reflection when given the chance and be quite content with that. And that was just the case as I strolled around my favorite city and happened upon my favorite little park. Aside from having a mini photoshoot with my bff, I took the time, with lulled folk music lingering in the background, to think. ’Twas a moment of zen.

One topic I spent a great deal of time thinking about was happiness. At that time, I was feeling restless and relatively unhappy. As a very analytical individual and problem-solver, I was critical of my present and mulled over why I could possibly be feeling down. What I ended up coming up with was backhandedly a solution- a list of basic things in life that lead to happiness. Each of which I intend to focus and work on:

🔑s to Happiness

Living simply.
Laughing often.
Finding purpose.
Having faith.
Expressing gratitude.
Being present.

What are some of your keys to happiness?



  1. yes to all of these! Faith, smiles, and goals are key to being happy for me!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. You look lovely! :)