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Inspiration and action create change; and change is essential. The change I’m referring to today is simply a category of posts now known as “On My Radar.” Once upon a time I shared what I called my “Friday Fives” (five favorite things of the week shared on Fridays ~wow~), but having been inspired by other bloggers lately, specifically Carly the Prepster, I’ve decided to follow suit with that label and implement a change. Now this type of post can occur on more than just Fridays, and ideally include not just bits that I’ve been coveting, but also whatever is on my mind or “radar.” So without further ado:

Gotta give it up to the lady that inspired the name and re-instilled my drive to share a few of my favorite things every once and a while. Plus, Carly is just a fab human being and role model to young women. She carries and presents herself so well, while also maintaining the human factor and lending advice during tough times. This gal and her blog/channel rule!

L.L. Bean’s Instagram 
A day last month I woke up from a nap to my friends tagging me in what I thought was a photo on my feed; however it was my photo on L.L. Bean’s! In case you weren't aware, I love L.L. Bean, so to have been reposted by them is absolutely amazing! I was so overwhelmed that I did tear up a bit. I just love sharing my love for L.L. Bean with you all (as you can tell by my winter posts, like How To Style Bean Boots). Also, interning in social media marketing myself, I was honored to have my photo selected and shared to their audience. Follow me on Instagram here for more cute puppy pics!

I was shopping in Kittery the other day when I stumbled across this raincoat in yellow and red. I was sad to find it wasn’t available in store or on their site in my size, and the next shipment wouldn't be for over a month. Good ole Amazon pulled through with the exact coat, though. For years I’ve wanted one that looked like this with the toggles and patterned inside for a reasonable price, and I’ve finally found one! And in a color that matches my Hunter Boots nonetheless. Can’t wait for spring showers now with this red-on-red combo!

In the spirit of wishing for spring, what better item to throw on this list than a pretty garment for warm weather? This Lilly dress is just adorable (as so many others are). The color combination and detail down the sides is right up my alley. Longing for those longer days now! 

One of the many things I miss about this summer is having my own kitchen stocked with whatever I want, like loads of zucchini. Unfortunately that isn’t exactly a luxury of dorm life. When I tried many recipes over those few months, this fries one quickly became a favorite- and it still is! Zucchini is just a fave veggie of mine in general, but the way it’s prepared in this recipe is divine. It’ll have you wanting to munch on these crispy snacks endlessly.

What's on your radar?


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