Where I Shop

Have you ever wondered what shops people frequent most for their wardrobe? I know I have; especially if they’re an individual constantly rocking a style I love. Unfortunately not everyone is a blogger ready and willing to share with anyone and everyone where each article of clothing they own is from. As a blogger, fashion-lover, and shopaholic I am always ready to gush about my latest purchases or where I snagged a great pieces. Rather than get into the specifics of each item in my closet, I thought I’d keep it general and answer the question I’m frequently asked “Where do you shop?” If you love that classic, preppy, New England look but on a budget, note these shops! 

Where do you like to shop?



  1. ohnnn the christmas trees are so cute eheh <3 Nice post :)

    A thousand kisses*

  2. Your outfit is so cute for winter, Molly :)
    I love J.Crew, I basically shop anywhere with preppy clothes