On My Radar

Once again I'm back with another "On My Radar" post to share all the things I've been loving lately! Let's begin:

ONE // Portland, Maine
All along New England's seacoast are delightful port cities rich with history, good eats, and shopping. Portland is one of my favorites, and I took an impromptu trip up there recently. My friend and I stopped at a few lighthouses and did a quick run through of the city. It's worth the visit! Let me know if you'd like a guide to Portland!

TWO // Julie & Julia
You know how I said I was in the cooking/baking mode, and simply feeling very inspired at the moment? Well I dove deep and ended up watching a movie that'd humor this interest. Despite it being out for a while, I had never seen this movie. Prior to seeing it, I knew the general plot behind this story and certainly knew about Julia Child, as I had cooked some of her recipes and seen her show. Overall, I was quite pleased with this film! I enjoyed the dual perspectives and the development of each individual's love of cooking over it. Would recommend watching if you haven't seen it!

THREE // thank u, next
This album is fire...That is all.
Big fan of NASA; imagine; and break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored. Do you have a favorite song from the album?

FOUR // Zumba
This year (as with every year) I made it a goal to exercise more and one way I've been doing so is through Zumba classes. It is a fun atmosphere that gets your heart rate going. As a former dancer, it's fun learning new moves and routines. Even if you don't have dance experience, it's a high energy environment that is very comfortable to be in. Grab your gals and go Zumba!

FIVE // The Financial Diet
In general I've really been enjoying learning about personal finance. I am currently in a Personal Finance class at my university, but enjoy learning outside of the classroom. This site happens to be a great resource that I've been reading for quite some time... the videos are fab, too! As a young adult in her final semester of college, it is extremely important to have an understanding of money now in order to gain the freedom that comes with financial understanding and comfort in the future. Or in the least that's the hope. Money isn't everything, but having control of it can certainly make life a little less stressful!

What's on your radar?


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  1. Love that you have made excercise as your goal this year