Diary No. 1

In the spirit of trying to develop a blogging routine, I have been brainstorming various topics to post consistently. One that came to mind is to do a "diary" type post once a week. Now once upon a time, my blog was more candid and a glance into my life, more like a diary. As my attention was pulled in every other direction, that flare was lost. I miss that. I miss the authenticity and conversations that sparked from sharing random thoughts and happenings on my blog. It is a personal one after all, and a culmination of all of my interests, so what better way to convey that than a diary style post? So here's my first "entry" with simple cell phone photos!

The first photo is one of three that I shared on my Instagram of my sorority house. The first floor of our house was recently renovated over the summer and fall semester, and turned out absolutely beautifully. Now it is much more cohesive than before and has a more elegant feel. I can't help but feel inspired in such a light, bright, and airy environment!

Having been inspired by this interior and others I have seen on Pinterest and Instagram, I took it upon myself to design my dream kitchen. On my InstaStory the other day, I shared these slides. If you love design like me, I highly recommend staying tuned to some of my posts. Every now and then I ask for design tips and input through polls, which is fun. I really enjoy engaging with others passionate about this field! Let me know what you think about this concept!

I would say an aspect of why I felt so inclined to design my *hopefully future* kitchen is because of my love of cooking and baking. Being home from college on break, I have taken it upon myself to cook... a lot, and try new recipes. One I made is a rendition of bibimbap, a popular Korean dish. I made rice, sautéed veggies, eggs, and chicken marinaded in a homemade soy-bbq sauce. Would anyone like this marinade recipe in a future post? 

PS Highly recommend this meal. It is well-balanced and so satisfying. Went over great in my household!

Lastly, I have been doing a bunch of house hunting. Not for customers or clients of mine, or even myself, but just to find gorgeous antique homes and to appreciate the beauty. With today's snowy weather I went for a little adventure when the conditions improved, and was not disappointed by the miraculously maintained homes adorned in snow. How beautiful is this Cape?! 

Tell me about your week! What have you been up to?