American Flag Cake

Each Fourth of July, a family tradition of mine is to make this flag cake. It is a recipe my mom introduced to us many years ago and it quickly became a fan favorite. Eventually I learned to make this cake in order to carry on the tradition, and luckily it is super easy. With just four ingredients and only 20 minutes max to make this, you too can achieve this tasty and festive cake!

Pound cake (x2)
Cool Whip (x2)
Fresh strawberries
Fresh blueberries

Click here for the pan I use. It is one of my faves from Crow Canyon. For more of their products, check out their site!

1. Start by cutting the pound cake into half inch thick pieces. We have always used the Sara Lee pound cake, and love how it turns out with this dessert. You can certainly make the cake yourself if you'd like. Place the slices into a 10"x13" pan. This can be done in a random way. Just make sure the slices somewhat overlap to avoid too many gaps.

2. Add a generous amount of Cool Whip to the top making sure to even out the surface. We generally use two tubs of Cool Whip for this.

3. Wash the produce. In the upper lefthand corner, add the blueberries. I ended up doing a 7x5 pattern. Cut the strawberries either in half or in thin cuts like above. Place them on the cake making sure to have a red stripe at the top and bottom. There likely will not be enough room for all 13 stripes; however having the top and bottom be red like the real flag will give your cake a nicer finish.

4. Enjoy! :)

What are your Fourth of July traditions?