Brudget-Friendly Christmas DIYs

It may only be November, but it's never too early to be merry! This holiday season I am making it a point to DIY a lot of my decor to save money and be more intentional with my space. The majority of the supplies necessary for these projects can be purchased at Dollar Tree. Here are three projects I'm kicking the season off with!

Ornament Wall Hanging 
(Supplies- fabric, embroidery hoop, nautical rope, florals, hot glue gun, cardboard)

1. Put the fabric in the embroidery hoop. 
2. To give a slight nautical touch, add nautical rope along the circumference. 
3. Pick out some foliage and flowers to decorate the top with. 
4. Cut out a small rectangular piece of cardboard and glue it to the top. 
5. Glue more nautical rope around the piece of cardboard to create the cap of the ornament. 
6. Glue down a loop of twine to the "cap" and that’s it! You can make this project in a variety of sizes and create a collage with just those or even add them to a gallery wall. 

Rope Trees 
(Supplies- foam cone, nautical rope, fairy lights, hot glue gun)

1. Since the top of the cone is flat, start off by winding and glueing the rope to create the tip of the tree. Make sure to taper the rope out to match the angle of the cone. 
2. Glue the tip to the top and begin wrapping the rope around, occasionally glueing along the way. The small cone took 2 bundles of rope, while the tall one took 4. 
3. Once the rope is glued on, start from the top and wrap wire fairy lights around the tree and there you have it! 

Pillow Sham 
(Supplies- two scarves, fabric glue, scissors, ribbon)

1. Since the scarves weren't wide enough I had to be innovative with how I created the openings and seams. Take two scarfs and fold them in half. Cut on that halfway mark. 
2. With the fabric glue, glue the long edge of two pieces together. 
3. Take one of the individual pieces and glue back one of the edges for a finished seam. 
4. Glue down the individual pieces on the edges making sure to leave the opening for the pillow. The piece with the finished seam should be on the bottom 
5. Once dried, flip the sham inside out.
6. As decoration and to make the opening seam seem more intentional, add some ribbon, a button, or even a decal. And now you have what looks and feels like a new pillow!

Have you started decorating yet? What theme are you going for?