A Classic Fall Look

Trench | Top | Pants | Shoes | Clutch
(They're all old pieces, but I've linked the stores!)

In many ways I am embracing the holiday spirit early this year. My mind is on decorating, gift buying, and all the cozy winter things. Even so, I can't help but still marvel at New England during late fall.

Most of the leaves have fallen and there is an undeniable crispness to the air now. With that we have even had flurries! It is as if the weather is teetering between seasons unsure as to which direction it should embrace. Inevitably winter is coming, and with a sort of mildly grey overlay on everything lately it seems like the transition between the seasons is nearly here.

The environment around is settling becoming slower as the temps lower; however that isn't stopping me from getting out and exploring the area. The other day I swung over to Amherst, NH for a quick stroll. I sported this simple look and felt so confident! Frankly it is hard not to immediately have a confidence boost when wearing a trench coat. I know when I opt for more refined sleek pieces, I am met with a feeling of motivation.

That is why I find putting the time and effort into crafting classic looks, even for a simple afternoon walk, is so important. They can genuinely make you feel good and bring a positive energy! While I was out, I was able to have a moment to reflect on things happening in my life, which was much needed. This time was so valuable and all I can say is I am looking forward to this upcoming season as I practice having confidence regardless of the outfit I wear. Confidence is the true classic look that never goes out of style!

Hope you are well and stay warm!



  1. Beautiful and classic look.I love all the beautiful picture here in.Thanks for sharing.

  2. Lovely look. I love the bag and jacket.