Visiting the Yankee Candle Flagship Store

This past weekend I was down in western Massachusetts for a few nights. Given we were in the area, I wanted to take advantage of the close proximity to South Deerfield. What's in South Deerfield you may be wondering? None other than the Yankee Candle Flagship Store and Village! For months excitement was building up at the prospect of visiting this place that claims "It's always Christmas here." The closer we get to December, the more this sentiment bubbled over until we finally made the trip. And boy, I wasn't let down.

It is more magical and expansive than I imagined with an unmatched buzz of joy throughout the store. We parked and made our way into the General Store entrance where immediately I took note of a train circling around the ceiling. Here there were loads of goodies, including maple sugar candies, various cookbooks, kitchen supplies, and of course an overlay of Christmas decorations.

We then made our way to a little festive nook near the registers with loads of decked out Christmas trees and a sleigh. Beyond that room was the man cave, which we stopped in briefly. It's the perfect place to snag a gift for that sporty friend.

After those two rooms, we went back towards the Candle Emporium, which housed all the candles you could ever hope for. Luckily they had several deals going on for those that wanted to indulge. We ended up buying few little ones, like "Christmas Cookies" and "Steamed Milk." Also, in this room you could customize candles by creating your own at "Wax Works" or adding a personalized photo to them. Talk about a lovely gift idea!

Moving out of the Candle Emporium we went to the Home Store. This area very much reminds me of the Paper Store or Hallmark Store. They had a variety of items, from Vera Bradley bags, to Lilly Pulitzer stationary, locally made jewelry, WoodWick Candles, and more! Plus, there was the cutest little red car in here. Great photo opp!

Around this time, we were starting to get peckish, so we conveniently went through the Kitchen section over to the New England Market. In this spot we noticed a custom ornament making station, where you can pick an ornament and have one of the employees do lettering on it. We went with the moose in the adirondack chairs. While we waited for that I caught a whiff of chowder and beelined to the counter for this delicious warm soup. It was a nice break from walking around this crowded store.

After lunch, we walked past the photo area with Santa into the Yankee Candy shop where there were plenty of sweet treats. Beyond that room was the toy store with so many unique gifts and items uncommon in most stores. Think toys found at small mom and pop shops!


Just past Santa's Workshop was the Nutcracker Castle with an incredible water feature, medieval flare, and grand thrones. Once upon a time I used to collect nutcrackers, so this room was a joy to be in; however the area adjacent was my favorite.

Through the doorway you step into the Bavarian Village. It was magical with a massive rotating tree in the center and dimmed lighting with twinkling lights everywhere. While there were ornaments throughout the store, this was the main hub. Along with these small momentos you could marvel at the Black Forest where "snow" fell every four minutes and their mini Christmas village. You can even assemble your own!

The final stop before checking out was the Candle Shop, which is like a mini Candle Emporium with many local scents. Despite being incredibly busy the lines at the registers moved along quickly allowing us to stop at the Candlemaking Museum on the way out.

Overall, this was a wonderful experience and I am so glad to have visited the Yankee Candle Flagship Store before the holiday season. It is certainly a place I would like to go to again in future seasons!

Have you been to this store?