For the Love of Fair Isle

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Having graduated from college and no longer under self-imposed pressure to fit in style-wise, I can indulge in my not-so-trendy, but practical nature. While I wouldn't class these sweaters as out of style by any means, it's not exactly the type of thing the average college student wears. Despite that, even in school I went for classic pieces, like Fair Isle sweaters. Though classic and vintage, I can see how the patterns attract a particular taste.

The sweaters above fall under both Fair Isle and Icelandic. They originated from Celtic and Nordic traditions and styles. With intricate designs and warm cozy textiles, these sweaters are perfect for winter. Considering these climates, it is understandable that they made sweaters like these! Though the wool ones may be a tad itchy, they are incredibly warm and ideal for freezing temperatures. 

Both popularized in the early 20th century, the unique knitting techniques used made for beautiful one of a kind pieces. For 2020 I am making it a goal to knit one of these sweaters myself! Until then, I will enjoy the variety available in many shops!

Are you a fan of this style?