NYE Outfit Ideas

I for one find it vital to ring in a new year with a fab outfit. Given it'll be a new decade AND the '20s, I'm going all out this year. Inspired by the 1920s, I'm opting for an authentic flapper outfit. However no matter the setting, there are all sorts of styles to sport for this celebratory evening.

I find the 1920s to be one of the most fascinating times. Between prohibition and a shift in culture, it was a time of change. Given that we are going into 2020, I feel it appropriate to pay homage to this decade by sporting a flapper look at my New Year Eve Gatsby Themed shindig. What I love about about the flappers is that they led a movement to break social norms of the time. This can be seen by not only their actions, but their atypical choices of style with "short" hems and baggy silhouettes. 

For my outfit, I am going for a nearly authentic evening look with the second dress, pearls, and heels adorned with a  strap. While not necessarily that common for the everyday person of the time, I will be wearing gloves. To finish the look, I am making a headpiece, as well.

This look is a bit of mix between your typical glitzy NYE look with a '20s flair. Each of these pieces have some sort of vintage touch to them from shape or design to the classic colors. With the understated tone and glowing details, this creates a well balanced outfit!

One Piece Ski Suit | Boots | Quarter Zip | Earmuffs 

For my fellow ski bunnies, this outfit is for you! Some of my favorite NYE memories are skiing. There's just an unmatched energy on the mountain, while everyone is having a blast sliding down the slopes. This outfit has a slight 70s/80s feel to it with the shapes and colors. It is a fun look for a fun evening!

What type of NYE look are you going for?


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  1. Loving the idea of 1920's vibes for welcoming 2020! The 2nd outfit is my favourite - modern twist but still very much gatsby-inspired, I'm obsessed!! Hope you have a great New Year!

    Georgia Rose | http://www.justgeorgiarose.com